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How to Make the Most of your Spare Time in a Big City! *

When you live in a big city, you don’t want to be spending all of your time working, and when you’re not working, you really don’t want to be spending that precious free time cleaning, washing and cooking.  I know for sure that as soon as Mike and I have any time off work together we want to be travelling, dining out, taking photos and flying our drone. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying out hacks to make sure I spend less time doing the mundane and more time living my life to the full, and as I’m feeling nice today, I’m going to let you in on a few!

Use Supermarket Home Delivery

Having my shopping delivered to the flat is such a huge time saver. I can do the food order from an app on my phone whilst I’m on the train, in the bath, or even before I’ve got out of bed in the morning. Plus knowing our diaries and when we will be eating at home, I just purchased the food we really need. I am so not into food waste and wasting money on things we won’t eat! I have the food delivered to the flat at a time it suits us and putting it all away takes minutes so it saves us so much time as driving to our local supermarket, doing the full shop, coming back home and unpacking can take well over an hour dependant on traffic and how busy the shop is.

Using a Dry Cleaning Service

The average person in London spends over one and a half hours each week on their laundry, including folding and ironing but I’m sure we spend just that on Mike’s work shirts! So by using a dry cleaners in London that will come to the flat, pick up our washing, wash it and bring it back ironed and folded saves us a good chunk of time! I think ironing could be my most hated chore so it’s lifted a little weight off my shoulders as I’d ofter keep putting off doing it until the pile was as tall as I am!

Bulk Cook your Lunches

When I cook us dinner, I will always ensure that I make big portions to allow enough leftovers to save for lunches for the next day or so. This saves us time in the morning faffing around with what we are taking to work and it means we also know exactly what we are eating too! It also saves us money too as buying lunch each day can easily end up being £30 a week and when you’re saving to buy a house every penny counts.

How do you save time when you’re always busy?

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