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What Qualities should you Look for in your Partner?

With almost one-third of Australian marriages ending in divorce, your choice of partner should be carefully considered, and it is always wise to spend time evaluating the relationship before making a commitment.

A personality clash could prove disastrous, and could end your relationship. Should this happen, peters and may are the perfect lawyers to get into contact with.

Here are some of the qualities the ideal partner should possess.


It has often been said in jest that a man should always marry a woman who is smarter than him, and in fact, forming a life-long alliance with an intelligent person will keep you on your toes. This could prevent the onset of dementia in your later years, as regular intellectual stimulation is known to keep dementia at bay, and when you retire, you can spend hours discussing the meaning of life.

A Positive Outlook

If they’re the glass half full type of person, this is a good sign. If you live with a person who always sees the negative side of things, it could become tedious and become a bone of contention. Having a positive mental attitude is a strength, especially when the going gets tough, and when you are having difficulties, she will always be an inspiration. There are also some further reading on the best qualities for a partner, which might help you make the right choice.

They Compromise

The ability to compromise is essential in any relationship and it should work both ways, meaning you will have to make sacrifices sometimes. If you marry someone who expects to get their own way every time, this could certainly cause some resentment. If you are head over heels in love and want to propose, check out the stunning collection of diamond engagement rings and beautiful diamond wedding rings in Sydney at Certified Diamond Network, one of Australia’s leading online jewellers.

Goal Orientated

Ideally, your future spouse should be someone who has their own goals and does not live in their partner’s shadow. Of course, you will set some joint goals, and they will hopefully support you in your quest to better yourself, while at the same time, pursuing their own objectives. There are many people women who will not simply quit their job once married, as they have their own personal agenda, and if you are prepared to share their dreams, you can both support each other in times of need.

Accept your Flaws

No one is perfect and if you have a partner that has too high expectations, this can put a tremendous strain on any relationship. Hopefully, they love you, warts and all and of course, this works both ways, and while it might be nice to be married to a superhuman, you too, must accept them as they are. There is a fine line between helping a person with their self-development and trying to change someone, and some people simply have too high an expectation from their partner.

If your fiancée is all of the above and more, you should start planning your proposal as soon as possible and with a stunning diamond engagement ring, hopefully, she will say yes.

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