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The Best Website for Running a Successful Blog Newsletter *

I’m one of those people that always want to send out blog newsletters but I’m always worried that the creation is going to take up too much time so it’s not something I’ve ever committed to.. until now! Myself and Penny have revamped our Essex Bloggers Network and as part of that, we’ve decided to share upcoming events, open campaigns and blogger news so I needed to find a website that could make this as quick and easy as possible!

That’s where Campaign Monitor came in and ticked all of our boxes, which we had quite a few of! I sent out a tester email earlier this week to see if I was happy with how the website worked, to see how easy and quick it was to make a rather professional email and here’s my favourite bits of the site!


The drag-and-drop email builder makes it so easy to design an email that suits exactly what we want to do. Not every newsletter we send out will have the same information on so with the easy email builder we can move sections around, add and remove bits we don’t want anymore and it takes seconds!


As mentioned we really wanted to be able to make the newsletter our own; we’ve designed a logo, we’ve got a colour scheme, we’ve got section ideas and we want to be able to move bits about to suit the content we want to include that month. We have the freedom to do as much customisation or as little customisation as we want in a really quick time frame.


With the majority of people checking their emails on the go, we really wanted to make sure our newsletter would resize and jiggle around into the most mobile-friendly layout. But… we didn’t want to have to do this ourselves as you have to with some other email creators, we wanted it to all be done automatically for all screen sizes, which Campaign Monitor does.


Once we’ve built the basic template we want to use, we are both able to log in and work as a team. We don’t have to share a login, and if one of us has done some work on the current newsletter we can lock that section so we don’t end up overwriting each other’s work which is super handy!

Another aspect we really enjoyed in the options was that we can add social share buttons so our members are able to share any campaigns or events to their audience to help us gather new members and event attendees which is great for us! If you’re into coding you’re able to code your own template, but for people like me who aren’t all that great at coding then there’s no need to use code at all.

We had some great feedback from our first email so I can’t wait to get the ball rolling next year!

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