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Where can you find the Best Supper Clubs in London?

London boasts some of the most magnificent supper clubs. It is home to Italian, Punjabi, and such a variety of other outstanding flavours making it quite a tough decision to just pick five to list, but here they are!

The Adobros

Traditional Filipino meals are meant for sharing between large groups, and typically too much food is made and no one goes hungry. The Adobros bring these tastes and experiences to their supper club evenings. Expect delicious, hearty meals based on the recipes the teams grew up with. And with 2018 bringing two marriage proposals, a wedding (and another one to look forward to) AND a book published, you could say that they’ve been keeping themselves quite busy away from the kitchen but don’t worry they have plenty more supper clubs planned for 2019!

Disappearing Dining Club

Disappearing Dining Club brings people together to enjoy great food and drink in private and unusual spaces in London. They ensure that their focus is on quality, seasonal ingredients, classic cooking and tasty food. They serve up classic European dishes with a Scandinavian touch, and that’s paired with tasty, well-priced wines in their 16-ish seater dining room which is their first properly permanent location called Little Quiet, near Barbican.

Italian Supper Club

The Italian Supper Club encapsulates everything people love most about Italy and London: great fresh, local and seasonal food, cooked to perfection by talented chefs and paired with delicious wine produced by small, family-run vineyards. They love to offer local produce, serve you by candlelight and make sure you have the best evening possible. Founded back in 2011, Silvio and Toto have plenty of experience in wines, food and good times!

A Little Lusciousness

A Little Lusciousness is one of London’s favourite pop-up supper clubs, having received over 200 5-star reviews on Grub Club. Rosie now presents a new series of events called ‘A Taste of my Travels’, which features food, drinks, and memories from some of Rosie’s favourite destinations. You’ll receive wonderful local produce, twists on traditional dishes, and some travel tips for you to take away from the night too. Rosie is just a lovely human too so you can guarantee that you’re night will be a good one!

Jam Shed Supper Club

It’s not often you get a Masterchef finalist cooking dinner on the rooftop of the Royal Festival Hall, part of the Jam Shed Supper Club at the Southbank Centre so when it does occur, you jusy have to make sure you’re there! The main course was a total winner; we were served a Slow roasted BBQ porchetta with carrot ketchup and drizzled with mushroom jus. On the side was a pumpkin seed pesto and rosemary focaccia bread to mop up with. The whole evening had great service, incredible food and I’d highly recommend checking out the other chefs that are on offer.

Om Nom Nom Supper Club

Om Nom Nom Supper Club is a duo of a trained chef and an equally excellent home cook. Both ladies love hosting, seeing people enjoy themselves and good food so after having had countless dinner parties, and every social gathering revolve around large amounts of food and drink, they started their very own supper club. They have a lovely flat in East London with a balcony that, if the weather is decent, diners get to enjoy. There is always so much food that the guests certainly don’t leave hungry, and the food is professionally presented with lots of flavours. We had the most amazing meal, surrounded by people who we felt we’d known a lifetime!

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