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How to Stay Safe when Meeting Someone New when Online Dating

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When it comes to meeting a potential suitor online, it’s common practise these days. We all know someone that met their partner online or on a dating app. In fact, I’m more shocked now when people say they met in person than if they met online! It’s just the way our world is evolving. It’s just the way our world is evolving. It is undeniable that most of the members are trying to get a serious long term relationship. Men are known to make the first move, ideally. With that in point, it is recommended that men should learn the complete process of how to get a girlfriend at thegirlfriendactivationsystem.com to take you from start to finish to get a long term girlfriend.

Most of us are very time poor so swiping away on apps or updating your online profile is something that can be done on your commute or during your lunch time. We all seem to crave the affection whether we are looking for a long term relationship, a one night stand or you’re Single and Mature in the over 50s dating bracket; no matter how old we are we all want it.

If you do decide to meet someone you’ve met online, I’ve pulled together a few tips just to ensure you’re making all the right safety precautions.

Do a Little Research

With everyone having at least one form of Social Media, it’s quite easy to do a search of someone’s name to find out a little more about them. Even if your potential date doesn’t have a Facebook profile or is partial to posting a few selfies on Instagram, you can still Google people’s names. It’s really rare that you won’t find any information about someone! It will give you a chance to see if they are who they say you are and maybe find out a little extra information about them.

If you’re really getting seriously into this research malarky, and much isn’t showing up, then you can always reverse image search the photos from thier profile. To do this, you will need to use the desktop browser and to have saved the photo you want to check up on. Head over to Google Images, click the little camera that will appear in your search bar. Here you can upload the image and you’ll soon see if it has been used elsewhere.

Share your Location

When you do decide to meet up, make sure you do it in a very public place. I’d also recommend sharing your location with your friends or family.  Whether you do this beforehand or have your friends track on either Whatsapp or Find my Friends so they know you are safe at all times.

If your plans do end up changing, then I’d take a few minutes to update at least one friend or family member. I’d highly recommend staying public at all times, as it soudns dismal, but not everyone can be who they say they are, so just use your common sense!

Have an Exit Plan

If at any point you’re not happy with how your date is going, then you should ideally have an exit plan in the back of your mind. I always like to know where exits are when in bars and restaurants but you can’t always just get up and leave!

There are plenty of great and easy ways to get yourself a fast ticket home, some of them include when meeting your date, tell him you’ve just found out you may have to leave early to go to a friend’s place. If he’s not as you hoped then you have your excuse ready to roll out, if he’s great you can always tell him you’ve pushed your plans back a little. There’s always the excuse of having an early start in the morning too, and you simply can’t be late or hungover for that meeting!

Despite all of these rules, dating can be so much fun, it’s just about keeping your wits about you and being sensible!

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  1. Sara says:

    Woman should be careful when dating a man – not everyone is trustworthy, not everyone is kind, not everyone is sincere, not everyone is honest

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