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What If You Took Your Physique More Seriously?

We all want to look better and feel better than how we are right now. Granted we don’t always want to think this way because life is too short to worry about things like this. However, our mind will always wander back to the question of what if you took the way you look more seriously? You would obviously be in better shape but how would the world around you react? Would your partner be more attracted to you? Would be command more respect and admiration from your colleagues? Could your mind possibly flush itself of its anxieties about body image etc? All of this is completely possible, so why don’t any of these fruits push us over the edge to what we need to do? Why don’t we take our physique more seriously when we know that the mental, physical and societal benefits will be amazing? Maybe we need to accurately imagine what could happen to us and what our rewards would be to get us off the sofa and moving.

You would have routine

Getting a kick up the rear end and doing something you don’t want to can be good for you. In the beginning no one wants to workout and get fitter. Waking up early or cutting out a piece of your evening is never fun. But it has to be done, not just for our health but for our routine. We are all creatures of habit and when we don’t have a proper routine we fall into a bottomless pit. There is no schedule to keep, nothing to do on a regular basis, we can get lost in our own lack of cohesion in life. Routines help us to formulate our lives, plan, set time limits, tackle various challenges.

Waking up in the morning to go for a jog can really help our character also. We know what we can push ourselves to live a life that is challenging but ultimately rewarding. Any other hard tasks in our lives such as at work or at home, can be tackled with the same motivation and determination. With a routine, our mind knows what to do also. Far from wandering aimlessly and looking for something interesting to grasp onto, a workout routine helps our mind and body to focus on a goal of getting healthier.

It could change your life

It’s little wonder that fitness on Instagram has gone into the stratosphere when it comes to popularity. Some people react to working out better than others but most of the time it has a hugely positive affect on our minds. When we are achieving the kind of body we want whether it’s a muscular upper body or a curvy lower body, we will feel much more confident in our body image. You never know it could end up becoming a passion of yours when you start to get used to looking good. See if this Fitness SWOT Analysis would make sense for you if you were to take your passion to the next step by opening up a business.

There are many people who are lost just like you and want to know how they could look better and how they could wrestle with their mind that just wants to sleep an extra hour longer. Taking on clients, you need to figure out what your best attributes are as a business, and what could be the external threats. Is there somebody else in your age group that seemingly could take away your customers? Maybe you need to find out what your weaknesses are and then proceed to eliminate them one by one to get the upper hand. Taking your physique more seriously could change your life emotionally but also career-wise.

Motivate those around you

Not to say people are envious by their nature, but if your friends and family see how well and younger you look since you started taking your health seriously, they might follow suit. It’s true, sometimes you just have to set an example for others to follow along. Working out and looking better could also motivate your children to not eat so much junk food and sort out their own workout routines too. Parents need to set this example so it doesn’t seem like you’re just giving them orders.

If you took your body more seriously, you could not only look better, but feel better in your mind too. Who knows, it could be something you become seriously passionate about and want to teach or help others. A business opportunity awaits you if this does turn out to be the case.

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