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How to Transform your Traditional Flat into a Contemporary Home

If your property is an older build, then you may not have the benefits that many modern apartments have, such as open-plan spaces or up to date furnishings. However, just because the foundations of your flat are more traditional, does not mean modern furnishings would not work well. In fact, many properties now feature a fusion of both classic and contemporary styles that help them stand out to landlords and homeowners.

Take a look at the following tips, which will help you update your traditional flat and transform it into a modern-style home for you to enjoy.

Brighten up your colour scheme

A typical trait of an older flat is a dark interior, so to modernise your home you should consider using lighter palettes which will brighten up your space. This could include swapping out a dark leather couch with a white or light grey plush sofa. You could also consider painting any tables or shelves in a lighter colour, to highlight ornaments and personal items.

For decor inspiration, you should take a look at the luxury apartments available at RW Invest. These properties feature neutral colours like white and beige, as well as pastel hues such as blue and yellow, which are used in the living area and bedroom to make each space stand out to investors and tenants.

Refresh your kitchen decor

The majority of classical properties tend to have older style kitchens, which can be seen as outdated. To achieve a contemporary look, you could opt to renovate your entire kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you should take a look at monochrome tiles and cabinets, as this will make your space appear larger and also add a luxury feel to your home. 

A more cost-effective update would be to change the colour of your kitchen cabinets to a brighter colour like pink or orange. You can take on a DIY job if your kitchen cabinets are wooden, as this is an easy material to paint. Materials like high-gloss wood, however, would require professional help.

Open up your space

One of the main attributes of a modern home is the open-plan style, which makes even the smallest studio apartment look more expansive. If you have a flat that is closed off with doors and walls, it will tend to look much smaller and darker. If possible, you could knock walls down using an expert’s help, and remove any doors that are not needed to make your home appear more cohesive and open.

You could also consider making use of glass throughout your home, as this is an aspect of many modern houses which maximises space. This is due to its ability to reflect natural light around the home and open up your living area. You should consider swapping out your current windows with wider styles like bay windows which will let in more light. Another great trick for enhancing space is to place mirrors opposite windows, which will reflect the light further and offer the illusion of a light and spacious apartment.

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