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A Winter Jacket Wishlist *

*This is a collaborative post.

I’m sure you all know by now that I bloody love winter; I love the dark nights, I love being cosy indoors as the rain falls outside, and I love getting all wrapped up! I’m one of those people that feels like they need a coat for every outfit and you should see our coat cupboard; it’s literally bursting at the seams! Excuse the awful pun!

I’ve been looking, as one always does, as grabbing a few new coats for Lily LuLu Fashion before it gets too cold outside. So as ever, I’m going to grace you with my current wishlist for payday!

A Rain Mac

Ok, ok, I have a red and a yellow rain mac already but the red is most certainly going to be given to the local homeless charity as it’s been worn a hell of a lot and someone else will benefit from it with all the rain we have. Buying a blue one, a colour that I don’t have makes it totally acceptable to do so.

A Faux Fur Jacket

Every girl should own a faux fur jacket, especially a leopard one! They are my ultimate weakness and to everyone’s shock horror I don’t actually own one anymore. My last one got recycled as it was worn beyond all use; the stitching was coming loose, the fur was becoming matted and it just looked really old! I mean, I’m 100% using that as a reason to invest in a new one, plus the new one I want is totally different from my old one!

A Teddy Coat

So, teddy coats were really big last year and I’m late to jump on the fashion bandwagon, as normal! These jackets are just to throw on with a pair of jeans for instant cute and obviously, instant warmth. I live in black skinny jeans and a variety of black Dr Martens so a pop of red will be a welcome change from all of my dark colours.

A Puffer Jacket

I am a sucker for a khaki jacket, especially a khaki puffer jacket. I’m not quite sure what it is about them that wins me over time and time again. They go so well with basically everything and you always need a jacket with a hood and faux fur, don’t you?!

What jackets are on your wishlist for this winter?

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