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Creating a New Logo with Font Bundles *

* This is a collaborative post.

I’ve had my current blog layout for quite a while now and whilst I still love how it looks, I do really think I need to jazz up my header logo a little as I feel it doesn’t have enough personality for me as a person. It’s just the font based one that comes with the layout and I’d like to people to think ‘Oh, this is fun!” when they first visit my site. I’m not amazing at Photoshop when it comes to designing things but with a few new free fonts I’ve been able to pick a few styles that really jumped out at me and give making my own header logo a go. Don’t worry, I won’t be offering a header or logo design service anytime soon!

I think that the font you choose is such a big deal as the header is literally the first thing people will see when they visit your site for the first time and your logo when used on business cards is how people remember you. It’s got to be good then right?!

I’m going to start with my least favourite and work my way up to my new possible header image!

Ok, so I loved this Nostalgia font but I don’t think it’s strong and powerful enough to be a header image. I do love a script style font but I don’t think it shows off the kind of personality that I want to portray when people who don’t know me visit my website. I’m quite a bold person so I think I need a font to show that off.

So then I tried this one…


This is Monday Blues and I love the slightly spooky vibe that it gives off! Does it remind anyone else of The Nightmare Before Christmas? If you know me well then you’ll know that I love the spookier side of life and I think this font is quite a classy way to do that. It’s bolder than the last which is most certainly going in the right direction. I love the curly letters too as they kind of remind me of serpent tongues!

And now, I know you’ve all been waiting for this…

I think the Herina font is a winner for me; it’s big, it’s bold and filled with character. The ‘S’ on the end has won me over, I just love how it curls up under the ‘U’ and is so different from other fonts that I have seen before. It also gives a creative vibe and I’d love for people to see as the creative person I think I am; I spend a lot of time on my photography and would love for that to come across too. If you are thinking about designing a logo for your business but do not have the tools to do it or do not know how to use them, there are easy-to-use online tools that you can use to your advantage. If you are thinking about a storefront logo, the best choice by far is neon advertising signs. You can start by using your brand name and trying several fonts and colors from the extensive choice list. Then choose a background similar to the one you have in your store. This will allow you to grab an idea of what you like and will be very useful for your logo designer. Keep in mind several brands do not have a logo, and it is all about the name and tagline. If this is the case then you will be ready to order it online.

I’ve had great fun trying out some new fonts to help build my brand image and they were really easy to install to Photoshop so I’m most certainly going to be trying a few more styles before I make any changes to my site! Maybe look for a few that are more nautical based as I still love having an anchor in my logo.

Have you made your own header before?

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