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How to Make Walks with Your Dog More Fun *

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Going on a walk with your dog should be a pleasant experience. You’re out in the fresh air and you have your best four-legged friend at your side. However, much of the time, it can be anything but fun. Whether it’s because your dog is pulling on the lead too much or because you’re getting soaking wet, you don’t always feel like being out with your pooch. If you find that you’re dog walks aren’t as enjoyable as you want them to be, there are some things you can do to change that. Try these ideas to make your walks fun again.

Get More Control of Your Dog

One reason you might not be enjoying your dog walks is that you can’t control your dog very well. It could be because your dog hasn’t learned to walk to heel, because they don’t have great recall, or because your dog is too big and strong for you. The first thing you might want to do is ensure you have the right dog walking accessories. A dog harness can make a big difference, giving you more control over your dog compared to a collar. Another way you can change things is to get help from a trainer. Professional tips from a trainer will help you and your dog to walk better together.

Keep Dry and Safe

No one really likes getting wet, and sometimes not even your dog wants to go out in the rain. But the dog needs to be walked, so you get out and trudge through the rain anyway. You might not be able to make a wet dog walk particularly fun, but you can make it less unpleasant. By making sure both you and your dog are adequately waterproofed with coats and other waterproof items, you can keep the rain off. In the winter, it’s also a good idea to stay safe with lights or reflective material for both you and your dog.

Plan Longer Walks in Your Spare Time

Your daily dog walks might be a necessity, but they’re often not very exciting. If you want to make sure you don’t get stuck in a boring rut of walking around the block twice a day, be sure to plan other walks too. When you have time off at the weekend or at other times, plan some longer walks with your dog. Whether you spend some time in your local park, head to the woods or go on a mountain hike, it’s more fun for both of you to do something different.

Walk with Other Dog Owners

Another great way to make your dog walks more fun is to go walking with other dog owners. You get a chance to interact with other people and your dog has the opportunity to socialise too. It’s a good idea for your dog to meet any other dogs before going on a long walk just to make sure that they get along with each other. Alternatively, invite some dog lovers who don’t have dogs of their own.

Dog walks don’t have to be boring. If you’ve found yours have become tiring, it’s time to make them exciting again.

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