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How to Sleep Better with Arthritis *

*This is a collaborative post with Mobility Plus.

Arthritis is a life-changing illness and can happen to quite literally anyone. There are a few things that you should look out for when it comes to arthritis such as pain, swelling and stiffness in one or multiple joints, morning stiffness in and around the affected joints lasting at least one hour, pain and stiffness that worsens with inactivity and improves with physical activity, and a reduced range of motion. if you spot any of these then please see your doctor!

But how can you make your life a little better and a little easier if you do happen to be diagnosed? Well, getting a good amount of sleep is a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead and can really help ease your pain. It’s not always easy to settle and get a lot of sleep when your joints are in pain, but here are a few tips to help…

Check the Temperature

If you’re looking to settle and get off to sleep quickly then the room should be cooler rather than hotter. Your body finds it easier to get off to sleep when it’s not overheating. It’s on odd one though as we often think that heat soothes pain which is true; a hot bath or a heated blanket can help ease the pain but having a cooler room will most certainly help you get off to sleep easier.

Check the Lights

This tip goes for everyone really, not just those with arthritis but it’s one we can often overlook; make sure your room is dark! You will find it so much easier to drift off if the room is dark! I always advise stopping using your phone at least half an hour before bed even if your phone has the night time setting as it gives yourself time to simmer down your day’s thoughts and your eyes readjust.

Make Life Easier

If you’re looking for ways to make your life easier then a walk-in bath is a great option as relaxing before going to bed is always advised. It makes keeping clean and refreshed a hell of a lot easier when you’re in pain, especially when the likes of hot baths are highly recommended to help ease the pain. If a walk-in bath isn’t an option then a walk-in shower is just as good; there are no steps up into the shower tray and can also have a seat within them to make your time in the shower a lot easier.

Find your Comfy Spot

Where and what type of pillows you use at night is important as it can lead you to finding that comfy spot that helps you to have a great night sleep. If you have neck arthritis you are best to use a standard pillow that’s firm but not too high to cause discomfort. But if you have hip or knee arthritis, it may be worth trying a wedge pillow next to you or a small pillow between your knees to ease the pain.

Hope these help you get the sleep you need!

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