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The Top Bathroom Trends for 2020 *

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The real estate industry remains one of the most lucrative industries, but great if you know how to strategize. You stand a chance of enjoying the luxuries if you improve the value of your home, and one of the best ways of doing that is being remodelling. Bathroom remodeling can notably increase the value of your home, but you have to incorporate some of the best and trending ideas that most people will like. Even if you don’t intend to sell your home, bathroom remodelling can transform your entire home and make a living there more enjoyable.

Some ideas you can try out include:


Instead of having plain boring mirrors in the bathroom, ask for more exciting and exciting designs from the bathroom fitters Essex has. Some ideas you may find include framing the mirrors or even using asymmetrical mirrors. The best part is that you can infuse technology in these types of mirrors and have anti-fog mirrors or touch-sensitive mirrors. Remember that mirrors can also enhance the lighting of the bathroom. The bathroom fitters you choose to work with will help you choose between backlighting and front light to give you functionality and creativity.

Create more space

Nothing can increase the value of your home like a spacious bathroom. This can become a problem if your bathroom is small, but you can still create a spacious illusion by adding more storage. You can install drawers under the sink to avoid wasting space, or you can have an open shower. You can also add wood panels on the walls to bring warmth and openness to the bathroom instead of using ceramics. You can use reclaimed wood for a more natural effect.

Incorporate eco-friendly options

Most people are embracing the eco-friendly norm. As such, most bathroom fitters Essex has to offer will give you different options that you can use to make your bathroom more environmentally friendly. Those solutions will bring a more calming effect into your bathroom, resulting in a more relaxing mood. One of the best ways of achieving this is by adding more green. You can add plants in the bathroom, but you can also make it more energy-efficient. Install large windows that bring in natural light, adapt ways of saving water, and use recycled materials. Even if you’re selling, explaining these to potential buyers will give you additional points.

Lighting and heating

Technology has made it possible for us to have smart homes, but that isn’t the only possibility. You can also use technology to make your bathroom brighter by changing the lighting features. You can use lighting on walls and ceiling, and you can even heat your floors, especially during cold seasons. You no longer have to wear your slippers in the bathroom during winter or dread sitting on the cold toilet seat. Underfloor heating works for various types of floors ranging from tiles to wood, so you should find something for your bathroom floor. Whether you have a colourful bathroom or a white one, there are several lighting and heating features for you.

If you’re trying to increase the value of your home for resale purposes, then you may want to go with trending styles that most people will like. Your unique ideas may not resonate well with everyone.

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