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What Household Improvements Can Increase the Value of Your Home?

Your home is one of the most significant investments that you will make in your life, and while maintaining its value should always be a priority, many homeowners choose to take certain steps to increase the resale price and get the most out of their investment should they ever decide to sell up and move on.

There are a number of very simple household improvements that you can do in order to increase the value of your home, and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Read more for some of our favourite tips for increasing the value of your home.

Wooden Floors

A simple but effective home improvement project to complete would be to consider laying wooden flooring. Carpets are common in homes but, as the years go on, many households are doing away with the frieze and shag in favour of smart wooden floors. With these installed, they can transform a room, and create a clean blank canvas for potential buyers. This does not have to be an expensive project and you can get a good bargain at the laminate flooring sale.

Some people will call in an expert joiner to lay their laminate or wooden flooring, but for people who have even basic DIY skills, this activity is simple enough to be undertaken without the need to get external support. There are even click flooring options that support easy installation. Included with this, you can purchase a toolkit that has everything that is needed for this sort of laying of flooring therefore no need to worry.


Now more than ever, homeowners are taking a great deal of interest in their environmental impact, and they are doing their best to form new, more sustainable habits and practices. One of the most popular options for anyone looking to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is to install solar panels on your property. Using this to generate electricity and heat your home is extremely kind to the environment but will also save you a lot of money each month. You do not need to live in a particularly sunny area to take part in this and most areas in the UK are perfectly suitable. This will increase the value of your home significantly.


When people are looking to purchase a property and are viewing the pictures online, there is always great interest in the way a garden looks. There are simple things that can be done here to increase your home’s value, such as planting a tree or few simple flowers, maintaining the lawn and fences, and converting some of the garden to a driveway.

You don’t have to have a green thumb to update your garden and make it look attractive. Choosing some low-maintenance plants will allow you to create a space that is going to look amazing and will stay that way until you are ready to sell. Also, getting some budget gardening tools at Kitchen Home will help you to keep your garden neat and clean.

There is an endless list of things that can be done to increase a home value. However it is important when undertaking these activities, that you don’t go for the immediate cheap option as it can cause a compromise on quality and could make the home value go the other way.

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