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How to Improve Your Sports Betting in 2020 *

*This is a collaborative post.

Many people enjoy a wager on sports and for most this is just an enjoyable pastime. However, regardless of whether it is or not, people still want to win and be better at it.

Improving your sports betting is not easy but is something that all punters can do if they want to. Once you have got the basics of sports betting under control, it is time to add more complex elements to your gambling.

There are three ways you can do this. The success you have will depend on your skills but do this right and you should have more success than you have had as a beginner.

Here are three ways which you can push forward in 2020.

Narrow Down the Sports and Competitions You Bet On

If there is one thing that a lot of new punters are guilty of then it is betting on too many different sports, leagues and events. This is something that you should try to cut out as you go along your betting journey.

For example, those who bet on football may do so in too many leagues, so cutting them down is important. If you are a golf punter, can you keep up with both the PGA Tour and European Tour enough to bet on them both?

Taking a step up to the next level and improving things is likely to result in casualties. You may enjoy betting on these sports and events, but if they are losing you money, or you don’t have the right information to place accurate bets then they need to be left behind.

Create a Staking Plan

One of the biggest keys to success as a punter is knowing how to stake your bets. This is something that many people get wrong and to begin with, all you need to implement are two simple rules.

The first rule is that every bet has a point value associated with it. Don’t think of bets in monetary values, think of them as points. Each point does have a monetary value, and are relative to each other. For example, a two point bet is double the stake as a one point bet.

Then when this is in place, the second rule is to give all your bets the same stake, many people start with a two point stake for these so there is the option to go up higher but also the option to drop down to one point.

You can make changes to your stakes over time, but a two point bet placed in January while you are on a good run is the same value as a two point bet in December when you are betting after a run of losses.

The key is consistency over time, put something in place to get this.

Capitalise on Offers Such as Money Back Offers

Betting in a style that capitalises on money back offers is key, as these are effectively risk-free offers. Look out for the most trusted betting sites and use what they have on offer. Even if this is money back as a free bet and not cash, this is still effectively giving you two chances to have a winning bet for the price of one.

These offers can be key to your profit and loss moving forward. The two ways to improve that figure are to win more money, which is not the easiest way, or to lose less and by giving yourself free bets, money back or something else, you are limiting the real money you are placing over time.

When people talk about betting offers, they often refer to the big welcome offers that can be claimed by new customers. However, regular offers can be just as vital to players in the long run and certainly need using where possible.

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