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Here’s A Rundown Of Some Of The Coolest Tech For You Home *

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If you’re looking to embrace the levels of digital acceleration we’ve seen over the past twelve months owing to the coronavirus pandemic after the switch to working from home, then read on. This is an ultimate guide to some of the coolest tech on the planet that you can equip your home with today.

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A New Landline

Some people have opted to ditch their landline phone and make do with just their mobile, largely due to the fact that it is wireless and they can talk in privacy from wherever they like – not just the hallway or under the stairs. However, in 2021, the best home phones are now cordless, and this makes a marked difference from that of traditional landline phones meaning that you can enjoy the same privacy that a mobile phone affords you without having to give up your landline.

Smart Lighting

If you’re into your tech, then chances are you’ve already got your hands on an Amazon Echo or Google Home device. If Alexa is your best friend already, then give her one more task to help you with in the form of smart lights. These are particularly great in a bedroom scenario and can help you create a colourful array of ambient light spots around your room. Smart lights can also give your bedroom that cosy vibe you’re after when lying in bed relaxing and watching Netflix or simply tucked under the covers reading a new book. Plus, as they’re completely voice-controlled by your virtual assistant of choice, there’s never any need to reach for a switch to turn them off!

Nest Thermostat

What’s cooler than saving money on your energy bill with a new nifty piece of kit? The Nest thermostat does exactly that and is really easy to set-up and install with your boiler. You don’t even need to set a programme or timer for your heating, the intelligent Nest device learns what you like and knows where you are through the GPS on your phone, ensuring you that you can always enjoy the perfect temperature at home. You can even track your energy usage and pull up reports on your thermostat which is great if for some reason you have an unexpectedly large bill for whatever reason.

Robot Vacuum 

If you hate hoovering your carpets and floors or just have quite a big home and can never keeping up with the cleaning demands, then why not invest in a robot vacuum to give you a hand? And yes, it really is as cool as it sounds. These clever devices get to know the boundaries of each of your rooms before setting off on their way and cleaning your house from top to bottom. Robot vacuums even learn to charge themselves so that they never run out of juice by docking into a nearby charging cradle. How awesome is that? This has to be one of the coolest and most cost-efficient pieces of tech on this rundown!

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