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Forbidden Temple, London.

Myself and my partner in crime headed over to Forbidden Temple in Battersea last weekend, and I was certainly more than impressed with the food, service and atmosphere! I found about Forbidden Temple on Twitter, the power of Social Media these days is incredible,  and I had one of the best Thai meals I have ever had! We turned up at 5pm, just as they…

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Death By Burrito, London.

Having an obsession to Mexican food meant trying this new joint was an absolute must, and I was not disappointed! On paper, technically, I should greatly dislike a place like this, minus the food obviously!  Pop up bars that only specialise in one kind of food are not usually high on my list of places to go, and I tend to avoid the Hoxton area for a fear…

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Ed Sheeran, Brighton.

Friday night was spent singing my heart out to Ed Sheeran in Brighton, and it was too incredible for words! Ed’s talent was displayed perfectly in his set, using only a loop pedal, his vocals and his acoustic guitar to recreating all of the songs from his Plus album.  He got the crowd involved by singing backing vocals and they seemed to love every minute of it. We caught a…

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Song of the Day!

Today’s song is an amazing cover by Bon Iver of I Can’t Make You Love Me.  I love this song as it is, and Bon Iver does a rather nice job of it! I’ve been unwell most of the weekend and this song fits my mood perfectly, chilled and calming!…

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Video of the Day!

I have so much love for this, in fact so much so that I steal moves from it to strut on my nights out.  I’m not sure I pull it off so well though! You may recognise the dancer from the Oliver Twist video.…

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  Today I’m doing a half day working from home, and this is what it currently looks like; leopard onesie, amazing slippers, working on my macbook and listening to Ed. ‘Only a half day?!’ I hear you ask! Yes I’m off to see Ed Sheeran tonight with a friend over in Brighton so I’m leaving home at a reasonable time to get across the bridge! …

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Shepherd and Dog, Essex.

I headed over to one of the most in demand places in Essex at the moment for my dad’s birthday a few weeks back and thought I’d give it a little write up! Shepherd and Dog is rather hard to get into, being booked up for weeks in advance, but we were lucky enough to get a table on a Wednesday night!  When we arrived…

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Every girl has her wants and needs and this is the latest edition of mine. To be honest most of this I will never own! I’m sure most of you will guess what these are but just incase you’re a fashion newbie I will let you in on my secrets; Nike x Liberty Trainers, Estelle by Ugg, Hermes bag, 8 bit glasses, Solid Gold Bow…

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She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of blue doors and walls.
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