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Win Big with these NetEnt Games *

*This is a collaborative post. When you think of premium online gaming, the game developer NetEnt is one of the first names that springs to mind. They have a diverse selection of iconic Slot titles and are considered pioneers in the industry for the innovative work they continue to do. With around 200 games on offer to players, there is something for everyone looking for…

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Expensive Home Emergencies You Don’t Want To Get Caught Out By *

*This is a collaborative post. Owning a home is expensive. There is, to some degree, no getting around that. However, it can be a lot more costly still for the unprepared. If you’re not aware of the kind of emergency costs that can come up to bite you in the rear, then you’re even more open to that eventually happening to you. Here, we’re going…

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Preparing Your Home for a Cold Snap *

*This is a collaborative post. The winter is coming! Faster than the conclusion to Game of Thrones, which would be too difficult in all fairness. But with the cold weather peeking around the corner, how prepared are you for the cold snap? Are your gutters clear? Are your pipes wrapped? What energy tariff are you on? All of these items on the winter prep to-do…

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How to Choose a Bookmaker for Sports Betting *

*This is a collaborative post. For those who enjoy watching sport, either on TV or live at the event, betting is always going to be a popular choice of a pastime, which accompanies the action very well. However, due to the sheer size of the industry and the choices on offer, this is not an easy thing to get to grips with. Right at the…

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What To Buy The Man In Your Life This Christmas *

*This is a collaborative post. After a very long and surreal year, Christmas is back around the corner. As the autumn months fly by, we’ll be left wondering what happened to the year. But there isn’t much time to be doing that! There is Christmas shopping to be done! The question is what can you buy for the man in your life? Some men are…

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Lockdown Dating Take 2: 4 Socially-Distanced Ideas *

*This is a collaborative post. Oh God, not again! Yes, the time is almost here, folks. As of the beginning of the month, the country goes into a second lockdown, and you have to navigate your way through the awkward waters that are lockdown dating. via GIPHY Do you sign up for Tinder? Do you go on countless virtual dates with no end in sight?…

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What is Irish Eyes, the Slot Game All About? *

*This is a collaborative post. Amongst the huge range of casino styled games, video slots and slot machines that you can find online, there is an amazing array of themes. However, despite themes stretching far and wide as the sea and outer space, certain concepts prove to be so popular that developers love to work with them and push the boundaries of them, over and…

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Fun Things to do in Havering

Havering is where I’ve been born and bred, but I’ve not really spent that much time in it over the past few years as I’ve always been so busy in London and travelling as much as I can. Lockdown has given me a chance to see what it right on my doorstep, meet some incredible new people and make me feel really grateful for where…

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About Squibb Vicious

Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.
She can often be found exploring her local area, drinking craft beer and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of staycations, vegetarian food, long walks and taking too many photos.

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2020 Travel & Exciting Plans

✈️ January
Mike’s Birthday Trip
Brixton Prison Restaurant
Bishops Castle
Shrewsbury Prison Tour
✈️ February
Bishops Castle cont.
Start New Job!
Ram Brewery Tour
✈️ July
Tilbury Fort
✈️ August
Tiny Rebel, Newport
✈️ September
Afternoon Tea
Bottomless Brunch
✈️ October
Havering Hoard Exhibit
✈️ November