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Do as the Romans Do When you Travel to Rome

This is a collaborative post. Anyone privileged enough to have made my acquaintance knows that I’m not one to pay much attention to the normal way to do things. If anything, I’d say learn the rules by all means, but only for research purposes on how best to break them in new and interesting ways. And that goes for travel, too. Think of any major…

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Plan the Ultimate Trip to Asia

This is a collaborative post. It’s no secret about how much I want to travel to Asia. It’s just got so much history, incredible foods I need to try and I long to learn about their cultures. I’ve spoken on here before about my want to travel to Singapore and Japan this year, but alas with being freelance and wanting to buy a house as…

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How to Achieve a Good Work-Life Balance

This is a collaborative post. With almost a third of UK workers feeling that they have a poor work-life balance, it’s becoming more aware that this is something we need to address. Not only does it affect our relationships and home life, but it can also take its toll on our mental health. Many countries have already stepped up to make sure their employees have…

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My Top Four Restaurants in London

This is a collaborative post. If you’re a frequent reader of my site then you will know that we spend a lot of time eating out in restaurants in London. Obviously, with having a blog we get invited to so many great places but we do also eat out of our own accord a fair amount too. This means I often get asked for my…

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Five Fitness Superfoods: are they really Worth it?

This is a collaborative post. There is always talk about superfoods and what foods we should be eating in the news and online. Recent years have seen the encompassment of the likes of sweet potato, kale, and quinoa into more and more recipes. However, healthy eating can be costly at times and I often wonder if it’s actually worth the extra money you end up…

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The Best Technology over the Past Twenty Years

Technology has gone crazy; I often feel like I can’t keep up myself. Since getting my first mobile phone just under twenty years ago, technology has come on with such leaps and bounds that ten years old me with her Nokia 5110 and Tigger phone case would never have imagined that at almost thirty years old I could work from home on her sofa with…

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Osteria da Nino; the Home of Italian Food in Hornchurch

Just over twenty years ago, we used to spend most weekends with friends in a restaurant called Nino’s in Upminster. Whenever I had a sleepover with school friends I’d send Dad down to Nino’s to pick up a stack of pizzas and some zucchini; we never ordered from fast food chains. If it was my birthday, I’d want to eat at Nino’s and I can’t…

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Breaking the Boundaries on the Runway; the Rise of Diversity in Models

This is a collaborative post. When the SS18 fashions hit the runways last year, thousands of people were amazed to see just how diverse the models were. In fact, it was found to be the most diverse yet; there was a record 93 plus-size/curve model making appearances and 45 transgender castings. Not only was there diversity in shapes and sizes, but there were also 27…

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