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Gifts That Will Show Your Loved One How Much They Mean To You *

*This is a collaborative post. Showing your partner that you love them isn’t always an easy task. Telling somebody that you love them might seem straightforward, but showing them is different. It requires a little bit of effort. That’s why maintaining a relationship on a long-term basis is difficult. It’s about more than caring about someone; it’s about demonstrating that to them on a daily…

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Becoming A More Responsible Dog Owner *

*This is a collaborative post. We all want to do better for the puppies under our care. If you’ve had a dog before and found that you simply can’t live without one in your life, then you might also find that you’ve gotten a lot more sensitive to the plight of dogs. Some don’t have the loving home or healthy treatment they need and you…

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Mykonos, the ULTIMATE Summer Destination *

*This is a collaborative post. The small Cycladic island attracts thousands of visitors each summer. Some of them will come back again and again. Even those that cannot return every summer will tell you that Mykonos has so many beauties and such a special lifestyle that they will always remember it. Let’s see some of the things that make Mykonos lifestyle so unique. Luxurious accommodation…

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Pre-Holiday Preparations To Get Your Holiday Off To A Great Start *

*This is a collaborative post. Going on holiday is one of the things we all look forward to. 2020 might be the year that you have decided to travel more, or perhaps indulge in an extra break or two. Nothing can beat that counting down the days feeling, and the excitement we all get. But, sometimes the lead up can also be a bit of…

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Examining Skin Procedures Performed with Lasers *

*This is a featured post. Lasers are often used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. It is easy to think you can just schedule any random laser treatment because they are all alike. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are many variations in the world of laser skin treatments. Examining them can allow you to identify the type of treatment…

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How To Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Home *

*This is a collaborative post. When it comes to improving our homes, we often want to add something that screams elegance — trying to find that something can quite often be very challenging. It seems that when people search for elegance, they find a mix between remarkably expensive and cheap and tacky. In this post, we are going to be looking at a few ways…

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Mixologist Secrets For Next-Level Party Cocktails *

*This is a collaborative post. The music might be bad and the company appalling, but if your cocktails are great, you can more than make up for it. Put on a little show, and people will remember your party, not for the dire conversations about the roads that they took to get there, but the delicious and inspiring taste of your drinks.  So how exactly…

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Throwing Trash Away *

*This is a collaborative post. After using certain things and products, you end up throwing them away. With the availability of bins wherever you go, it’s easy to let go of your trash. The problem is that being unmindful of how you throw everything away could lead to the landfill issue that we’re already facing. The landfills are beyond capacity due to people who don’t…

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Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.
She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of staycations, vegetarian food, long walks and taking too many photos.
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