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Dreamy Vegan Pizza at Purezza, Camden *

I’ve recently decided that I’m going to try and cut my meat and fish intake down by eating more vegetarian meals. I’m not going to be overly strict with it, but it’s making a huge change for someone like me who eats a hell of a lot of meat! I’ve been doing pretty well with it so far, only slipping up a few times when…

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How Casinos Treat Customers *

Finding a true value of a customers means recognizing all the visits and games played by he or she, by using the data that has been accumulated over the time. Casino operators know their best customers. Casino industry hoteliers, not so much, while the online casinos gather server data about its users. In the casino industry resorts, marketing professionals in the slot department have gathered…

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Vegan Donut Bouquet Deliveries around London are GO! *

As you may remember I previously received a Donut Bouquet last year, and it went down quite a storm, not only in my office but on my Instagram too! People were totally loving the idea so I’ve brought them back as I thought I’d win over my new office with a fine offering of some mouth watering donuts in quite a novel way! There’s a slight twist…

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Supper Clubbing in Hackney with Om Nom Nom and WeFiFo *

When it comes to firsts, I cracked two of them in the space of a few weeks. Those first being supper clubs. Yes it may seem odd as a food blogger that I’d never been to a supper club until last month but I was always a little worried about sharing food with people I didn’t know and I found it even more odd just rocking up…

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Why Westpac Rewards Points Programs Are Gaining Popularity *

As you may already know, Westpac is a leading bank and financial services provider in Australia. With more than 14 million customers across the country, it’s one of the four biggest banks. The major aim of the bank is to facilitate their long-term customers, which is why they have launched a rewards program. The more you use their services, the more points you earn. You…

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The Know-All Guide of Whale Watching Season in Sydney *

Each year, thousands of people flock to the Sydney Harbor to take part in the biggest whale watching season. The whales migrate up from the east coast of Australia in the Antarctic and make their way to the calving and mating grounds, known as the Coral Sea. Can you imagine: around 1,500 whales, belonging to different species in groups swim past the Sydney Harbor annually.…

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Walking the Streets of East London with Strawberry Tour’s Jack the Ripper Tour *

I’m one of those people that can’t get enough of British history. I have so many books on it, I watch TV shows on it, and I talk about it for hours with my parents, Mike and like-minded friends. So I’m obviously one of those people that go on walking tours around London and take in every single word the tour guide says. I recently took…

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Packing for a Long Weekend with LeanPac *

I like to credit myself as a bit of a professional packer. I pride myself on just packing what I need and doing so very well! I often make a list of what I need to pack, ensure all items match another on the list to create outfits so I’m not taking any excess and then pack strategically so it’s all neat and tidy! Little…

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