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Clifton Suspension Bridge

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David Hartley, Story Writer.

Being on a slight Hartley family theme this week, I thought I’d drop a little mention for David.  He writes awesome short stories based on a design and marketing agency in the future. Here’s a little snippet from this weeks summer games edition… ‘I flicked my iPear™ on, to see what was happening in the 2212 Olympics. Top news item was that the Association of Beach Volleyball…

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The Oyster Shed, Southbank.

After a long walk from Oxford Circus I was in need of something comforting and filling, to obviously go against all those calories I’d just burnt!  Luckily for my groaning stomach I had a booking at The Oyster Shed, overlooking the Shard, and River Thames. I’d often wandered past this bustling pub and wondered ‘why an earth are you busy ever night of the week?!’ Now I have answer. It’s pretty…

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Madisons, London.

Madisons London is situated on top of One New Change, the newest shopping venue in London, opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral, with views to make most building jealous.  By 6pm it was wriggling with life, and atmosphere despite the typical English grey clouds looming above. Seated under a glass canopy so the views are far from hidden an extensive cocktail list was placed in front of…

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Tresor Paris.

Tresor Paris is one of the biggest names in jewellery at the moment, celebrities love it, footballers love it, and the general public can’t get enough of it.  Wherever you look there’s a Tresor Paris bracelet sparkling away on someone’s wrist, both male and female alike. The craze began around three years ago when Lilian Lousky decided to branch away slightly from her families diamond…

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Jane Hartley, Fashion Illustrator.

So I’m sitting here in the office and one of the graphic designers asked, Ben, who works in TV for his mums website link. Holy cow! I fell in love instantly! Jane Hartley is a Fashion Illustrator, and she’s just so talented! Here’s a little back ground information:  Jane studied Fashion Illustration at St. Martins college and took her BA in Fashion Design at Kingston University. She…

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Getcha Hands Together.

So I thought I’d update you guys on a little tune I can across recently. You may have heard it on the new Bacardi advert. This is Getcha Hands Together by J-Man:…

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Usain Bolt in Tresor Paris!

Bolt – one of the biggest stars of the games this summer has been seen wearing a lucky Tresor Paris bracelet with crystals in the colour of the Jamaican flag! The black agate in the bracelet has hidden health benefits and healing properties, originally the stone of warriors, it is known for providing courage and strength, in addition to success and good luck,  with fitness…

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