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Fun Things To Do While Staying Home *

*This is a guest post. If you find yourself staying home for a certain period of time for whatever reason, then it’s highly likely that you’ll suffer from boredom. Whether you live alone or you’re with your family or your roomies, being bored is always a constant. Sometimes you’ll even feel like all you’re doing in a day or for some time in your life…

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Why You Should Learn How to Groom Your Cat At Home *

*This is a collaborative post. The pandemic changes you wholly as a person and as a citizen of your own country. The current situation asks you to be more responsible and cautious in your actions. There are places under quarantine and a simple errand like going to your pet’s veterinarian is a big challenge. They say that for the next couple of months, this will…

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How Musicians can Earn Money During COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic negatively affected all industries, and the music industry is not an exception. Experts predict that the concert industry alone could suffer a $9B loss in 2020 – this is an epic decline without parallel in the modern music business. Millions of musicians have lost their stable income source, and now they are looking for new ways to earn money. Are you one of…

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How to Get the Vintage Look with Flooring *

*This is a collaborative post. With the fast-paced technology-focused modern world, sometimes we find ourselves lusting after something from a bygone era. The vintage vibe can give you just that, but isn’t just restricted to outdated styles; you can achieve the gorgeous look without having to sacrifice your modern comforts. There is however a fine line between your interior pulling off the fab vintage look…

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Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee at Home Like a Barista *

*This is a collaborative post. Coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in the world, with branded coffee shops popping up in every corner of the high street. It has quickly become one of the nation’s favourite drinks, even challenging a cup of tea for the top spot! Many people are spending hundreds of pounds a year on convenient, barista-made coffee from these…

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Safe Storage for Sex Toys: The Do’s and Don’ts *

*This is a collaborative post. We all remember a movie where a teenager is caught with a box of dildos and sex toys underneath the bed. My first thought when seeing someone discover that box filled with orgasmic goodies was ‘OMG! That’s so dirty!” And with ‘dirty’ I don’t mean the fun and filthy kind of ‘dirty’. I mean the unhygienic kind. The raw facts…

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Do You Need This Tech To Keep Your Home Secure? *

*This is a collaborative post. Do you ever worry about the security of your home? Perhaps you should because research seems to suggest that while violent crimes are becoming far less frequent petty crimes such as theft are quite common. While it’s unlikely that you’re going to be inside the property when there is a break-in, you could still lose a fortune and even items…

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This Is How To Start and Run A Successful Blog In 2020 *

*This is a collaborative blog post. While there are many blogs online right now, you will be pleased to discover that there is always room for new blood. However, it is possible to set up and run a successful blog in 2020. All you need to do is floor the sage advice you will find below. Find your Voice and Make it into a Brand…

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Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.
She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of staycations, vegetarian food, long walks and taking too many photos.
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2020 Travel & Exciting Plans

✈️ January
Mike’s Birthday Trip
Brixton Prison Restaurant
Bishops Castle
Shrewsbury Prison Tour
✈️ February
Bishops Castle cont.
Start New Job!
Ram Brewery Tour
✈️  June
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy & Greenday
✈️ July
2000 Trees Festival
✈️ August
Langar House
✈️ November
Wedding No.2 – Cotswolds