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Feeling Hella Fruity with Rekorderlig Cider Botanicals at Udderbelly! *

When it comes to summer, I’m not one for sitting out in the sun on the beach, but I am one for sitting outdoors with friends in London with a few drinks. Having walked past the Udderbelly festival numerous amounts of times I finally ventured in Laura and Kariss one super sunny Wednesday evening. I had no idea that behind the pop-up walls along the Southbank that…

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Would I Swap my iPhone 8 Plus for a Samsung Galaxy S9?

I’ve recently spent a month trailing the Samsung Galaxy S9 to see if I’d be willing to swap my beloved iPhone 8 Plus for it. I took the S9 everywhere with me and used it as I would use my iPhone, often doing the same tasks to see how each of them handle it and battling them out. I’m one of those people that have…

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My One Pan Breakfast Dream! *

I love that when Sunday rolls around we usually have a little more time to make breakfast. Of a week I have a yogurt at my desk and Saturday’s are rushed breakfasts as we head off to a Circuits class pretty early, so we do try out best to do something a little nicer on a Sunday. As I’m still following Slimming World I tend…

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Schoolies on the Gold Coast – A Safe Week of Ultimate Relaxation

The last week of November in Australia is one of the most anticipated and awaited time of the year for every student ending their 12th year of school. After surviving a hectic year preparing for and taking finals, researching universities and finishing up various school-related activities, students look forward to sunny days, beaches and relaxation with cooling drinks and their friends. This week of anticipated…

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Why You Should Consider Moving to Essex

You should all know by now that I am quite the Essex fan; I love living where I do and am such an advocate for everyone moving out of London to Essex! A lot of people I’ve spoken to are really anti-Essex and it baffles me as it’s far better than people make out! We have so many great place, great assets and are so…

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Trying Out the Woodforde’s Brewery Beer Range *

When I shot these photos I was fully convinced that football was coming home, England were going to win the World Cup, our country would have lost their minds celebrating and there would a lot of sick days with people nursing hangovers, but alas, as I type this football is on a temporary holiday in France. To say I’m heartbroken would be an understatement but I’m not…

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Trying New Make Up Looks with Just My Look *

I’ve never been one of those girlie girls that would spend ages getting ready or put much effort into their make up. Unless we were heading to a wedding or a special when I’d slap on a little red lippy and you know, make some effort! That was until I started spending more time with my girl gang who all seem to be really decent…

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British Household Dishes Throughout History *

Britain has always had a soft spot for cooking. Studies have shown that we own an average of five recipe books each, but now, more so than ever, we find ourselves turning to TV cooking shows, such as Come Dine with Me and The Great British Bake Off for further inspiration. We all have our favourite recipes, and our own special way to enhance them,…

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Squibb Vicious is also known as Haydy.

She can often be found travelling the world to fly her drone and petting people’s dogs. Big fan of blue doors and walls.
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