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Cider Tasting and Pizza Dining at The Stable, Winchester *

I love The Stable, which is an odd one for me as I’m not normally one that buys into chains, but The Stable have it sussed. They feel like an independent, one-off restaurant that really have put their everything into making their food and drink spot on. One thing I love about The Stable is the attention to detail of what they’re offering you, whether it’s the amazing pizza…

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Classy Dining at The Ivy, Winchester *

Not so long ago The Ivy opened one of its world-famous restaurants in Winchester and it just so happened I was spending a couple of nights there so I obviously had to stop by for a dinner date with Hayley. The decor was exactly as you would expect it; plush, rich in colours and table settings that would give nay wedding a run for its money. The…

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Rescued Animals and Vegan Afternoon Tea at Hopefield Animal Sanctuary *

For anyone that knows me, they’ll know I’m a massive animal fan, that I support local animal charities and that I love feeding homeless dogs, in fact, I always carry a tin of dog food in my bag in case I see one, yes, I am that weird! Yesterday morning I was out in our car park in my pyjamas trying to save an injured pigeon…

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What do I Pack in My Hand Luggage for a Short Haul Trip? *

When it comes to traveling light, I’d like to think I’ve become a little bit of a pro! I really do travel with as little as possible as I like to keep my bag light as I use a Cabin Zero so I carry it around on my back. I use the front pouch on the Cabin Zero as my hand luggage section so I…

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Heading to the #NationalWonder Hat Fair in Winchester *

When I was asked by the team from National Express if I wanted out and find a #NationalWonder for them, I had no idea where I was going to end up. Would I be down at Stonehenge? Would I end up in London seeking out really old architecture? Would I be hunting down a National Wonder of the World? I was wrong on all accounts,…

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Completing the Final Touch to our Bedroom with Made to Last *

We decorated the bedroom even before I moved in nearly 3 years ago now; we loved the colours, we got new carpets, we matched all our bedding perfectly, and we felt so proud of all the work we put in. There was just one thing that we couldn’t find that we really wanted; the perfect light. We’ve had the same gross brown light and lamp shape…

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A Graduate’s Guide to the Perfect Interview Outfit! *

It’s super stressful when you’re an upcoming graduate. after all of those hours spent juggling late nights at the library for revision, spending hours meeting that 10,000-word target for your dissertation, and trying to find a job to walk into after graduation can get a bit too much. Not to mention that part-time job and trying to have some sort of a social life. When…

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Learning How to Cook the Italian Way with Danilo Cortellini and Crosta & Mollica *

A few weeks back I was treated to a day of cookery with Danilo Cortellini, the head chef at the Italian Embassy, Crosta & Mollica who supply the finest bakery products and artisan specialities that Italy have to offer over here in the UK and the Waitrose Cookery School in King’s Cross. I always worry that I’m going to make a fool of myself at these…

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