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Eight Reason to Visit Karlovy Vary *

I was recently lucky enough to be asked on a fantastic press trip to Karlovy Vary. For those of you that haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry, most people haven’t! Karlovy Vary, also know as Carlsbad, is a spa town situated in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. It is historically famous for its hot springs as there are 13 main springs around town and around…

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A Gift Guide for the Foodie Fanatic in your Life *

I don’t think I know anyone that wouldn’t be happy receiving a foodie hamper for Christmas, after all, if there’s a time to overindulge, then this is it! I know you can buy hampers from every supermarket and posh department store but I much prefer to make them up myself so they are tailored to what that person really likes. I find when you buy them premade…

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Beastly Burgers and Loaded Fried at Slap & Pickle, Leeds *

Last times I was up in Leeds in July, I paid a little visit to the Trinity Centre’s Trinity Kitchen to try out some of the goodies from The Luxury Diner who are actually the team behind Slap & Pickle. So when I was in Leeds in early December, I obviously had to go and visit Slap & Pickle at their new permanent, yes you…

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Veggie and Vegan Festive Feasting at Pie Minister, Leeds *

When I visit Leeds, I like to make sure I eat in as many places as I can as they so many good restaurants around the city centre! I do always make a return trip to Pieminister as I love their food as it’s great value for money and their Christmas Menu definitely shows that! I recently visited with two of my favourite ladies and…

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How to Find the Best Villas and Rentals in Greece *

Who doesn’t dream of a luxurious vacation in Greece? But planning a trip can be exhausting. Most people feel they have a lot on their plate. From booking flights to making reservations, the whole itinerary can be somewhat overwhelming. It doesn’t matter whether they want to take their partner on a rare retreat from work and stress or are planning a family holiday. However, there…

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A Gift Guide for the Classy Lady In Your Life *

At this time of year, I find myself racking my brains to find good gifts for the people I need to. I’m always one for trying to think out of the box and buy gifts that are a little bit quirky so I’ve rounded up a few of the ideas I’ve had for the lovely ladies in my life! The Tea Lover I don’t think…

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A Gift Guide for the Classic Gentleman in Your Life *

The man in my life is a very classic gentleman, he likes the finer things in life but hares it when people, especially myself, go overboard on gifts! I do like to treat him though as I think he thoroughly deserves it; he works mega hard, he follows me around with a camera and lets me live in his flat. I didn’t wanna get him a…

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Crown to Soul Relaxation at the Spa Experience, Walthamstow *

Since going freelance I feel like I work every hour that I’m awake and I’m sure its the same for all people that work for themselves. Some days I get up when Mike leaves for work at 8am and will work through to 11pm whilst having lunch at my desk and only stopping to have dinner so I get to spend some time with Mike! I often…

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