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Where do I Plan on Getting Married?

Don’t panic guys, you’ve not missed any form of an announcement; I’m just back daydreaming as I’ve been on a hen do this weekend so there was plenty of wedding chatter going on. I’ve always been so sure that I want to get married but the type of wedding I’d like changes all the time. For me, the venue really sets the theme and tone…

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Finding What You’re Looking For On The Housing Market

The housing market can be a very confusing place. It’s filled to the brim with legal terms most of us have never heard of, let alone understand, and even just trying to rent a place of your own is getting more and more complicated. It can be a very stressful time, trying to move house, and that can really bog a lot of us down,…

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Where to Eat in Bath

Bath is quite literally filled to the brim with great places to eat and drink. When we visited in January we ate at a few that we could fit in, but I’d happily return to try out some more of the restaurants. As Bath is steeped in history there are so many restaurants in historic buildings which, for me, make dining there even more special.…

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The Best Quirky Places to Drink in Soho

One weekend, after a wonderful brunch at Las Banderas, we decided the weather was too good to just head home. Our afternoon then turned into a bit of a quirky pub and bar crawl and ending with Mike’s first ever Five Guys. We drunk in places that we thought were pretty darn cool so I thought I’d share them with you here. The Toucan If…

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Simple & Sweet Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Wonderful Mother

All the love begins with the smile of your mom. She is the most special woman in your life. So, don’t you think you should let her know how much she is special to you? There are many ways to do that but a special gift from your side can really do wonders. As Mother’s Day is approaching, so you have a perfect time to…

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Simple Steps to Creating a Comfortable Space for Your Dog

When you’ve got a pet dog it can be hard to leave home and leave that cute face behind; it can be hard on you both. But the good news is that your dog can manage a few short periods of time alone all well and fine, especially if they have a space set up for them in a ‘dog-friendly’ area. When it is set…

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Giving our Second Bedroom a New Lease with a Coastal Theme

As you all know we have plans to sell up the flat and buy our dream house between us, but that won’t be for a good six months to a year yet. Due to that, we are gradually freshening up the flat so when it does go up for sale it’s looking it’s very best. We love the master bedroom after having added a faux…

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An Evening with Cinciano Vineyard at Enoteca Rosso; The Food Pairing

I was very kindly invited to visit Enoteca Rosso in return for a review through Love Pop Ups London.  However, as always, all opinions are entirely my own. As you will have seen in my previous post, I had taken part in a lovely, informative wine tasting with the Cinciano Vineyard at Enoteca Rosso and we were treated to a pairing dinner. Primo We kicked…

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