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How Can You Improve Your Tattoo Business Following The Pandemic *

*Collaborative post. The first few weeks of work following the reopening of your business were focused on sales and recouping some money.  You should now be thinking about ways to improve the venture to ensure long-term stability and maximised future earnings. The good news is that a little effort often goes a long way. There are many possibilities to consider. Here are six of the…

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Living A More Sustainable Life In 4 Steps *

*Collaborative post. If you are someone who cares about the planet and the environment, and you want to make sure you are doing your part for it, then there are many things that you might want to focus on. The fact is that doing this is actually relatively straightforward, as long as you make a point of really focusing on doing it. And one of…

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How to Make your Small Business More Sustainable *

*Collaborative post. If you’re running any kind of business that uses packaging, especially a small business that sells the likes of food, you’re more than likely to have being more sustainable on your radar. If it’s not, then it’s certainly something that should be! I always say that there is no planet b and we really should all be doing more to help our environment,…

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What Does My Dream Kitchen Look Like? *

*Collaborative post. We all know how desperate I am to buy our very own home together, but sadly job loss during the pandemic and being freelance has put a little hold on that. Even though we can’t sell up the flat and get house hunting for another few months, that hasn’t stopped us from planning ideas of how we’d like our rooms to be decorated.…

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Look Good, Feel Good: The Secret To Lasting Health *

*Collaborative post. For many of us, getting healthy seems like a perennial challenge. No matter what we try, life always somehow finds a way of beating us down and making things difficult! But it’s not just our circumstances that are problematic. It’s also the lack of reliable information on what we actually need to do to become healthy that’s a problem. When you think about it,…

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Buying Guide for Laminate Flooring *

*Collaborative post. Laminate flooring is durable and looks like natural hardwood (but without cost) and comes in a variety of types, including oak, walnut, hickory, and maple. Laminate flooring is also a fantastic do-it-yourself project. Source. Where Can Laminate Flooring Be Installed? Because laminate flooring is so sturdy, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas like living rooms and foyers. Today’s laminate floors, on the other hand,…

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5 Tips You Need To Clear Your Home for Permanent Relocation *

*Collaborative post. You will find moving to a new town or house a very tedious and exhausting process at first. The first and most crucial step is to clear your schedule and create time for planning and organizing your possessions. Only by decluttering will you know what to give away and what to take with you. To avoid boredom, use the traffic light system to…

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Staying Safe When You’re Renovating Your Home *

*Collaborative post. Renovating your property is a fantastic way to add value, both in terms of how much you can sell it for and what it means to you. You can choose to renovate yourself or you might elect to get some professionals in to do the hard work. Whichever you choose, staying safe during the renovations is essential. It can be dangerous work if…

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