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Four Benefits of Student Accommodation When Planning to Travel After Uni *

Student accommodation comes in many different shapes and forms. However, one standard is that it tends to be far more affordable than trying to find a place alone in an unfamiliar town or city. Also, there are often features or facilities provided that suit students more than they would an older couple. Here are four benefits of student accommodation when you’re planning to go travelling…

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The Plants and Flowers of the FIFA World Cup 2018 *

The FIFA World Cup is finally here and all over the world, millions of us are keeping track of the winners and losers of each round. But how much do you know about the country, its cultures and its national treasures? Suttons, a leading retailer of crocus bulbs, has brought together a collection of this tournament’s top teams to explore their national and native flowers…

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Brits Abroad; Are we Really that Clumsy Abroad? *

The ABTA Holiday Habits report from 2017 has stated that the number of people travelling abroad on holiday increased from 55% to a high of 57% which doesn’t really surprise with such great deals on flights these days! As travelling becomes more of a lifestyle necessity than a luxury, I’ve teamed up with TRUE Solicitors LLP, accident at work claims specialists, to investigate whether us…

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Where in the World are the Best Unheard of Festivals? *

When it comes to music festivals, I’ve been to a fair few. I’ve done the most well known alternative England based ones like Glastonbury, Reading and Download. I’ve also been to my fair share of dance music festivals too including Creamfields, We Are FSTVL and South West Four. I’ve even been abroad to Spain and Malta to dance the nights away to as much live…

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Where are the Best Places to Relax in London? *

London, you’re so fast paced with zero eye contact where everyone is always in a rush to be on crowded trains and never stopping to just take a minute. But you know what, we all need to take a minute as often as we can. Whether it’s turning your phone off an hour before bed, taking the time to read on your morning commute or…

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Where to Eat when Visiting Luxembourg City and Vianden, Luxembourg

We ate so much good food and drunk so much good beer when we were in Luxembourg that it deserved its own post. We aren’t ones to travel on a budget when it comes to food; we tend to book cheap flights, stay in lower cost accommodation like the ibis that you know will fulfil all of your needs and then we go a little…

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A Short Day Trip to Vianden Castle with a Luxembourg Card *

With having all of our travel in with the Luxembourg Card we spent a day out in Vianden, which is right up in the North East of the country. We hopped on three buses from our hotel which got us there in around an hour and a half, but there is an option of getting the train depending on what time and day you visit.…

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How to Spend 36 Hours in Luxembourg with a Luxembourg Card *

On Black Friday, Mike and I decided we’d fly to the destination that had the cheapest flights in the sale. Luxembourg came through with £70 return flights for the two of us, so that was that we booked up, and waited for May to roll around. After doing some research, I learned that Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign states in Europe, it’s one of…

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