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I recently acquired an awesome Polaroid Cube camera and have been thinking about where I would most like to travel to next to use this delightful little video camera. I’ve made a list of three places that are top of my list!



I love Spain, maybe a little too much! I’ve been to various places and always had such an amazing time. I’m actually booked to head there in November with the chap as our first holiday abroad, and I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to go there for a few years now.  I’m imagining lots of little video clips of the amazing architecture, tasty tapas and, of course, way more Sangria than necessary! Wait, is there such thing as too much Sangria?! I’m also hoping to throw in a cheeky trip to the home Real Madrid in the hope I spot Gareth Bale in person, just don’t tell the chap that’s my plan!



I long to travel to India, the colours appeal to me so much! I can’t imagine a brighter, more colourful place!  I’d love to film clips of the hustle, bustle and general craziness you see when watching India on tv. Jodphur would be top of my list to head to first as I love the colour blue and images I’ve witnessed of it take my breath away.  This infographic from Great Rail Journeys sums up the insane amount of colour and has got me wanting to travel there desperately!


I’d love to experience the Holi Festival there too after really enjoying the atmosphere of the Colour Run. And the food!! How can I forget to mention the food!



My need to travel to Thailand is ridiculous, it grows every time I see a photo, hear a story or eat Pad Thai! I want to backpack and eat street food all day long, whilst videoing it! The beaches are so picturesque, the temples filled with colour and the food filled with flavour!

So it seems I just want to use my new camera as an excuse to eat in lots of nice places… who can blame me?!


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