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Structural Considerations: What You Need to Know Before Building Up *

*Collaboration There comes a time in many homeowners’ lives when they begin to dream about expanding their living space, envisioning a home that better suits their needs and desires, a lot like we are now! Perhaps you’ve gazed out of your window and imagined the possibilities of adding that much-needed extra space. If you find yourself in this scenario, contemplating a transformation that involves a…

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How to house train a puppy

If you follow me on Instagram, (if not, why not?) you may have seen that we’ve recently got a puppy! Having a puppy is such a wonderful thing to experience but if you don’t train them properly it can lead to all sorts of problems when they are older. House training a puppy requires patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how…

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Low Cost Hen Party Ideas

You’re so close to marrying the love of your life, but you want to celebrate with your girls before you do, and what better way than having a hen party! As money may be tight after paying for your big day, here’s a few low cost ideas! DIY Spa Day Host a DIY spa day at home or at a friend’s house. Set up stations…

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The Art of Downsizing: Maximising Your Living Space *

*Collaboration Recently, there has been an interesting shift in how we view “home”. More and more people seem to find joy and comfort in downsizing rather than expanding their living spaces – yet how do you start the transition to downsizing your own home?  Image: Liana Mikah/Unsplash Downsizing Advantages: What You Should Consider  Financial Benefits Who doesn’t appreciate saving some cash? By downsizing to a…

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Creative Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Nature *

*Collaboration In a world where screens are increasingly taking centre stage in our children’s lives, to detrimental effect, sparking a love for nature in our offspring might seem like a daunting task. However, with a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of adventure, parents can easily ignite their children’s curiosity about the natural world.  From tiny critters to towering trees, here are some fun and…

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How to Make Your Student Room a Place to Relax *

*Collaboration Got a lot of work on at uni? Don’t get too bogged down. Rest is just as important as getting those study sessions in, and without a proper disconnect, you’re only going to crash and burn. Establishing clear boundaries between work, rest and play times is so important. Part of that is having a relaxing bedroom to come home to, where you can fully…

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How we Plan on Creating Indoor Spaces Outdoors *

*In collaboration with Nationwide Supplies. As you will likely know, Mike and I moved into our first owned home together and we’ve got a lot of work to do! Our lovely bungalow is a probate with Weatherspoon style Axeminster carpet in 80% of the rooms and isn’t set up how we’d like it to be so we’re in the process of gaining planning permission to…

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The Best Things to do in London this Weekend *

*in collaboration with Skiddle. Being a born and bred Londoner, I often get asked by my friends and family from further afield what they should be doing when they come to the Big Smoke to visit. I find this such a form of flattery and I take it very seriously as I want anyone visiting London to love it just as much as I do.…

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