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My Top Tips for New Drivers *

*This is a collaborative post.

I remember when I passed my driving test, a good ten years ago now, I just used to drive and drive and drive. I loved having my own freedom to go where I wanted when I wanted. It really did give me a new lease of life! I was really lucky to have my own car for around a year before I actually passed my test which really helped as I was dead confident driving it, but if you don’t have your own car I’d certainly recommend looking into short term car insurance for learner drivers so you can get out as much as you can before your test.

I’d class myself as a fairly seasoned driver as I’ve driven a fair amount all over the UK since passing, so here are a few of my tips for when you’ve just passed your test.

Use your Green Pass ‘P’ Badge

As much as I hated these, I can totally see why they’re so handy. It allows other drivers to know you may be a little nervous or a little hesitant at times. From that, they should give you more time and space to not put pressure on you, which is exactly what you’ll need if driving on new roads or around new towns.

Get to know your Car

Spend a little time with your head under the bonnet! You should really get to know how to top up your water, check your oil and keep your window washers filled with anti-freeze during the winter. It also helps a lot to learn how to check your tyre pressure and keep them filled up. It’s also worth reading through your user manual to know what all the buttons and lights on your dashboard mean.

Keep the Left Hand Lane on the Motorway

The left-hand lane is for normal driving and I’m hoping as you’ve just passed your test you won’t be hurtling anywhere at top speed. The right-hand lands are used for overtaking so that tends to be where drivers drive over the speed limit and are chopping and changing lanes, so get a little more confidence on the motor before you start overtaking.

Don’t Blare your Music

This was so me when I passed my test; I’d had a new soundsystem fitted in my car so whilst darting about town with my roof down I was partial to playing Bring Me the Horizon pretty loudly. It soon changed when I realised it can be quite a distraction and also stops you from hearing what’s going on around you such as sirens from emergency vehicles.

Keep an Eye on your Fuel Tank

If you’ve not been out driving in your car and only using an instructors, it’s likely you’ve not had to pay much attention to the level of petrol on your car! You most certainly don’t want to be stranded somewhere as a new driver without any petrol so make sure you keep topped up.

What are your top tips for new drivers?

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