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What to get your Dog for Christmas!

So I am one of those crazy people that buys their pets Christmas presents!  My little monsters are just so cute they deserve to spoilt!


Chungy is on the left, Chess is on the right.  They’re sisters, both a year and a half and are Staffordshire Bull Terriers.  They seriously make our house a home.

The present I have decided to give them is a fantastic Christmas Cracker filled with doggie goodies from Pet Shop Bowl.


They were so excited when I showed them the goodies, they were literally going mad! They must have smelt super good!

First up was the snowman, Chess took a serious liking to this little guy, and wouldn’t share with poor Chungy!


She was even more excited when she found out there was a squeaky in the snowman!! I don’t think I’ve seen her so content with a toy!  It literally was Christmas come early!

Chungy was more of a fan of the food!  She tucked right into the Ho Ho Ho bones, and wouldn’t sit still for a photograph (hence the blur)! That little Chess might have swooped in and stole her precious goodies from under her nose!


The girls thoroughly loved their treats, and I can’t wait for them to tuck into the rest.  I had to save some as I don’t want chunky puppies!

They say a big thank you to the team over at Pet Shop Bowl for sending them the goodies, and for making them stars of their own blog post!


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