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Dealing With A Dog Who Destroys Everything *

*This is a collaborative post.

If your dog destroys everything, then you’ve probably had to deal with chewed up shoes, phones, cables, pens, carpets, bins, and more. Dogs will chew just about anything up without thinking twice. But why do dogs behave like this, and how are you supposed to deal with it? 


Making Your Home Dog-proof

One thing you can try first of all is making your home more dog proof. This could mean clearing away dangerous and valuable objects – or any objects that you don’t want to get chewed up. However, don’t try any of the more ‘out there’ suggestions online. You want to train your dog, not scare them. You still need to work on your dog’s reasons for chewing everything. 

Why Your Dog Acts This Way

Figure out why your dog has been acting the way they are. Do they only do this when you’re out of the house, or do they do it when you’re out of the room? Fitting a small camera at home can give you a good idea of how long it takes your dog to get into destructive mode. 

Professional Help

It can be tough to work through your dog’s issues alone – so look into getting professional help. Remember, it can take a while for your dog to get over this, so you need to be persistent and consistent and work with a licensed professional. The idea of dogs scratching their beds may seem normal, but if your dog is doing it to an extent that they ruin that along with other things in the home, a deeper issue may be present. 

Remember – Consistency Is Key

It’s so important to stay consistent so your dog learns the proper way to act in the house. You need to not only be professional at dog training lessons, but when you’re at home with your dog. This isn’t about scaring them, as we mentioned before. You simply assert yourself as the pack leader and ensure that everything you do aligns with that. Soothing techniques can also work to help your dog, such as leaving them with something that smells like you, and making sure you ease them into it by only leaving for short periods of time. This will help them to see that you always come back. 

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