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#PhotoAnHour; July

Saturday July 18th was the monthly #PhotoAnHour instagram event that the lovely Jane runs, and here’s my day:


9am – Awoke at the chaps and laid in bed for far too long!

10am – I did a little blogging and got myself ready.

11am – I had a nice cuppa in my favourite mug and headed of to the butchers and to Tesco.

12pm – I cleaned the slow cooker, marinated our pork, and got that on the go.

1pm – #wifeymaterial! 6 clean shirts for the chaps week at work!

2pm – After a second trip to Tesco I feasted upon a duck wrap and chopped the potatoes ready for our home made chips.

3pm – The start of the banoffee pie! I am useless at breaking up the biscuits, the neighbours must have thought we were murdering each other will all the noise!

4pm – The banoffee pie was in the fridge to set, more washing was done, some tv watching and a little social media catching up.


5pm – I got the chap in to whip the cream for my bannoffee pie as I got bored! Also I wanted to nap!!

6pm – The pie was finally finished! It seems like it took forever but it was short work spanned over a long time with chilling and whipping!

7pm – The chaps parents had arrived for dinner, and we started our meal with hoeny & mustard glazed sausages; epic.

8pm – The wine was flowing, the pulled pork and chips went down really well and conversation didn’t stop.

9pm – The moment had arrived to try the pie; good news all round! Four (almost) empty plates!

I actually forgot to take any more photos, but the day ended with more wine, more chatter and lots of cleaning up!

How was your day?


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