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Recent Homewares Haul *

Hi, my name’s Haydy and I have an addiction to buying homeware. Phew, now that’s out in open air I can share with you the recent bits and bobs I’ve picked up as there’s a fair amount of it!

First up are these rather cute cushion covers for the living room. Our colour scheme is flashes of teal in a grey room so this will look great on the sofa. They only arrived yesterday but I am super excited still as I couldn’t stand the old cushion covers we have and these look great!

Second up is this super nice lamp from Dandelion Interiors. It really suits the feel of the room and looks great on top of our wine cabinet. Of an evening we tend to have lamps on rather than ceiling lights and this gives the room a really homely feel. We are big fans of the filament bulbs and are going to be getting something similar to this for our bedroom.  I also like how you can change the filament bulb to a different design and it will bring new life to your lamps. The quality of the wood and glass is of a really high standard.

And whilst it’s there in plain sight, I’m going to tell you how good that No.5 Rum was from the Westerhall Estate! So the name comes from the rum spending 5 years in oak casks and as suggested we drunk ours with ice, straight from the bottle. but I love the idea of mixing with coconut water on my next round! The rum has a ton of flavour, it’s quite sharp to start with then eases into a rich honey taste. There are slight notes of spice that really give that holiday feeling, that really nice laying out in the sun in a far-flung destination where staff bring you cocktails on the beach!

Next up is the previously mentioned Mercers Furniture Corona Wine Rack! This made me feel like such an adult when buying it. We already had the sideboard but this was becoming cluttered on top with all of the wine and spirits we had started to collect and it was driving me crazy. We also have a ton of glasses just for two of us living in the flat and we were running out of cupboard space for them so this was the ideal solution!

They are the most glamorous of my recent purchases but we have also bought a blow-up bed, a new Jamie Oliver Wok and I’m looking at some new bedding.

What have you bought recently?

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  1. Milly says:

    I am SO jealous of your wine cabinet, I need one in my life!

    • SquibbVicious says:

      I legit felt so adult! There’s a link to the Amazon page in the post – it’s not as pricey as I expected!!

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