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Why I Can’t Wait to have a Home with Our Own Garden *

Hopefully this time next year we will be well into our search for a home to purchase! I’m taking a step up and becoming a real adult. I mean I’m semi-adult now living with a boyfriend and cooking etc, but I’m going to level up to homeowner status! Mike already owns the flat we live in so he’s already a full-blown adult, at times, but we’re going to make the purchase together. Which means I’ve got Pinterest boards coming out of my ears, inspirational photos on my phone from when I’m out and about and a brain filled with so many ideas that I thought I’d share some of them with you!

One thing I’m really looking forward to is having our own garden. The flat currently has a shared one that no one uses and I really miss hosting BBQ’s that go on to the early hours of the following day and even just sitting outside for dinner during the summer. We do have our super cute balcony but it’s not quite the same as having your own garden! I also can’t wait to have somewhere other than our second bedroom, which is now my office, to dry our washing!

As throwing BBQ’s is such a big thing for me I need to make sure I’ve got enough decent garden furniture to get me through them! We aren’t sun worshipers so we won’t be needing any sun loungers so we can use all of our patio space for sofas, dining and possibly one of those super cool cube sets that all hideaway into each other for great storage! I’ve picked a grey theme for the furniture as I think they weather better than black and stand out more than brown! I’ve also gone for all Rattan-style furniture as I really love the look of it opposed to just normal wooden furniture.

Having one of these lush sofas will give us such a good amount of seating, not only for the likes of BBQ’s but for chilling outside with a nice bottle of wine during the summer evenings. It’s a bit of an upgrade from our little IKEA set on the balcony! We love to sit outside, a nice cold bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and play nostalgic tunes from our emo years on Spotify as the sun sets after 8pm and the evenings are still warm, unlike the weather we are having now!

I’d love a dining area like this one as it can double up well for entertaining too. We can sit and have our evening meals here after work and when we have BBQ’s we can utilise the built-in ice bucket for storing wine for our guests so we don’t have to make too many trips back into the kitchen. I feel it really gives off a holiday seating area vibe being slightly taller than your normal seating area.

Do you have epic plans for when you have more space? I literally can’t wait to upsize to a house and garden!

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  1. Joanne says:

    Good choice of furnishing. Moving house is a big step and I hope you find your perfect love nest with a lovely garden..

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