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How I’m Making a Little Extra Cash Now I’m Freelance *

As you all know, I made the leap this month; I quit my job, become freelance and am taking the time out I need to find the job I really want to do. So obviously, I now don’t have a guaranteed income I’ve been finding new ways to top up my cash flow every month and one that I’ve found that’s mega easy to use. It’s called Paperclip and it’s a dead easy app to use on both iPhone and Android.

Paperclip is a selling app and a marketplace online, with no hidden fees. I mean, you don’t have to sell, if you’re feeling generous, you can freecycle but we all love making money don’t we?!

Not only is it great for topping up my funds, it would be so ideal for students to sell to other local students when cash can be a little tight. I think it’s a great way to sell on Uni books when you’re done with them as they can be so pricey. Not only are you getting money for something that might just sit on your shelf, you’re helping someone further their education too!

So how does the app work?

You simply tap the paperclip logo at the bottom, snap a photo of what you want to sell, fill in a few boxes and boom you’re selling. It will take around 10 minutes to get the item online and in that time you can add some more info if you’d like to. One fun thing about the app is that you don’t actually name a price, people offer you what they think it’s worth and if you’re happy you then you agree and you’re done. Well, you’re not quite done, you have to obviously get the item to them.

Another great thing about the app is being able to create you’re own selling groups to find like-minded people. For example, I’m in the Ardleigh Green and Gidea Park selling group so I can see what people are selling just around the corner. There are ones for Universities and you could even start one for your course so people can find what they’re looking for really quickly and keep track of what the group is selling. That text you want may just be on there!

Or you can join groups based on your likes, so I’m in a photography group where I can see what other photographers are selling. Plus if I don’t find exactly what I want I can always add an item request to the group for the community to help, in case anyone has it laying around and I can buy it from them.

It’s such a great concept and I’ve got a little addicted to looking at what I can buy from different areas, as you’re also able to filter the distance if you’re willing to go out a little further for something you really want. My local area has a lot of clothes as we’re obviously quite a fashionable bunch but move more into London and there’s more tech for sale so do have a play around with the distance!

What have you got ready to sell?


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  1. Laura Haley says:

    I have so many clothes I could do with selling in different sizes, and I fancy some new (to me) stuff in my current size. Downloading this app as we speak.

  2. […] sites that you can use but my two favourites are eBay when they have their free listing days and Paperclip. I love the ease of having an app where I can just snap a photo, list it and wait for it to sell. […]

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