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Getting Your Garden Fresh and Ready for Spring *

With winter being such a quiet time in the garden, it’s always exciting when you can grab
your gardening gloves and start to prepare for spring. The winter period seems to drag out
for such a long time, but the moment the weather starts to clear up you can get straight back
into the garden. After months of heavy weather conditions, stepping into the garden can be a
daunting moment, especially when you’re not sure what to expect. These useful tips have
been gathered to help you prepare your garden and have it fresh and ready for spring.

Clean Up the Flowerbeds
The best place to start when prepping your garden is with the flowerbeds, as these are an
area that you’ll find yourself wanting to make the most use out of. Having these ready first
will simply enable you to plant some seeds ready for summer, and whilst they grow you can
focus on other areas of your garden. Many people like to remove all of the soil from the
current flowerbeds and throw away any worn or damaged borders, as these can have a
negative effect on your new projects if they are left to rot or decay. Replace the old soil with
some fresh soil to give your new projects a good head start. You can then replace your
borders with some timber or wooden panels, just visit your local wood merchants to find
exactly what you’re looking for. Once your flowerbeds are in good condition and looking
neat, they’ll instantly make your garden look that little bit tidier.

General Tidying
From piles of leaves to random plastic bags under the hedge, you never know what you’re
going to find in the depths of your garden after winter. You can’t control the rubbish that
blows into your garden, but you can control how long it stays there for. Give your garden a
thorough tidying, from top to bottom, removing any large piles of leaves, general debris and
broken items that may have become damaged from the bad weather. If you feel that there
are furniture pieces, plant pots or tools that are currently in the garden making the place look
messy, it may be time to throw them away or move them into the garage.

Eliminate Garden Pests
In order to have a fresh garden ready for spring, you need to know that there aren’t any
nasty pests lurking in the corners, ready to attack your beautiful spring projects. You can
never control pests completely, but you can certainly make a clear difference by controlling
the pests with specific products. From slug repellent to natural repellents such as garlic, you
can introduce these features to your garden to help keep those nasty pests at bay. If you’re
unsure on how to control the specific pests that are bothering your crops or projects, then do
some online research or go to your local garden centre for some additional advice.

Cut the Grass
Having a neat and tidy lawn is the first feature to make your garden stand out and look its
best. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and bright your borders and flowerbeds are, if you have
a lawn that is out of control then you’re going to struggle to create a space that looks fresh
and inviting. Give your lawn a good cut with your lawnmower and focus on getting rid of any
nasty weeds. By getting to work on the weeds from an early stage, you can prevent them
from spreading and growing in areas that are going to jeopardise your plants and cause
further issues down the line.

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