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Why A Good Photographer is a Bride’s Best Friend

Next to your rings, the best “keepsake” of your wedding will likely be the photographs. For the rest of your lives together, people will be asking for, and you’ll be wanting to show, images of the day. You’ll want to look at the pictures to spark feelings of your favourite moments. Unquestionably, choosing a great photographer is tantamount to the ring you’ll wear daily.


Top-Notch Photographer

It’s important you understand the criteria of what you need to make this challenging decision: finding the best local wedding photographer. As you would with anything of great importance, it’s important you conduct some serious research. Consider that, for many, their wedding day is one of the most impactful. This means, both you and your intended might be…shall we just say “high strung” on the day? Because of the tensions and nervousness and anxiousness to make your wedding day lovely, the last thing you want is an unsupportive photographer. You’re going to want someone assertive, who’ll call the wedding party and guests to task, but do so with finesse and humour and never be aggressive or bossy.


The photographer’s personality, demeanour, professional skills, and artistic style will be on display during the pre-and post-even photography sessions. It’s extremely important a photograph is charming, but assertive enough to get the photos you want. Is the photographer a good listener, are they a calm, but strong force.


Find a photographer who will seamlessly meld with your sense of humour and style. Read and assess reviews of locale photographers, go to their websites and take a close look at their recent work. If they’re on social media, what kind of presence do they project? Do a search, for example on wedding photographers in Melbourne, and check out websites.


Choosing a package of photos is a great way to get a deal, but be sure you know what will be included. Ask to review the types of available package deals; find out if the rate is based on a standard “shooting fee.” You may want to include an engagement shoot; in a perfect world, your photographer(s) will be there the entire day, from “getting ready” shots to when you set off to your honeymoon, post reception.


A standard contract often gives the photographer the rights to your photos and there are stipulations regarding if you can post your wedding photos online (some will let you, as long as their watermark or credit is on it). They also will probably have the rights to use your photos on their website or in promotions.


Your next step is to meet with potential candidates. Keep the number to three to five.

An Album

Online, you can get an example of their work.

However, when you meet in person, be sure you ask to see a complete album or even a complete gallery. Review the photos with a keen eye. Photos should be crisp, thoughtful, lit well and flattering to not only the bride and groom, but guests, too.


Once you’ve chosen a studio find out exactly who’ll be shooting your wedding – will they have assistants? Will the person you met with be the actual photographer(s)?


Be aware a photographer has a lot of post-production work ahead – uploading, processing and editing a bunch of raw files. Ask how many images you’ll get, if they’ll be high- or lo-res, if proofs will be retouched? What about special effects?

You have your work cut out – but it will all be worth it!

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