London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Nido Sky Lounge, London.


Having found a nice little voucher on KGB Deals, I thought that taking in the sites of London from the 32nd floor of the Nido Student Village near Liverpool Street would be something I couldn’t say no to. For a mere £19 I grabbed myself and my other half 4 drinks and a plate of tapas totalling to over £100 usually.

Booking was mandatory as this event is highly sought after, so we were lucky to get our first choice. Thursday nights are obviously the start of the weekend now a days!

My other half, TW, had 2 beers whilst I spoilt myself with a couple of peach and strawberry Bellini’s, which were quite lush, but half the size of those you pay for. This is obviously expected but still shocked me slightly. The views certainly made up for it.

The tapas wasn’t anything to write home about, but was enjoyable enough. We did have to pop to grab some bagels, but we hadn’t eaten since lunch time, and have large appetites.

The views were obviously incredible, but the venue lacked atmosphere, maybe because it was only half past 6 and the working world hadn’t fully churned out yet but if I were you I’d save your pennies for a rainy day of you haven’t got a voucher.


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