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Dr Jules Nabet Fresh Glow Mini Peel, London.

An effective and efficient alternative to other peel treatments the ‘mini peel’ is one step further than a facial but much milder than other peels, a gentler and slower approach leads to good, lasting results and intense hydration.  Perfect for getting rid of congestion before it comes to the surface, stimulates skin cells, rids dead skin, refines pores, good for dull skin, hydrates, brightens, smoothes.

A light peel effect increases cell turnover and stimulates exfoliation, it tightens the appearance of pores, regenerates the skin, renews complexion, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,  fades sun damage, and helps control oily and congested skin.

 Highly effective ingredients support the skin, promote rejuvenation and encourage improved elasticity and firmness.

I’m all booked in for next week so be sure to check back for the review!

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