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The Big Smoke, London.

As the quest for the best burger around carried on, I ended up at The Big Smoke, part of Elk Bar, in Fulham Broadway. My taste buds were dancing at just the smell of the BBQ from out back. I knew my quest had brought me somewhere amazing.

We take our seats out in the garden, praying it doesn’t rain, and I feel at home. It’s the kind of place you want to spend lazy summer afternoons and fill yourself with their delicious beer cocktails, and the best BBQ goods.


Feeling gutsy we try the large selection of hot sauces, and my other half quits while he’s ahead, and oh do I wish I had too. Dave’s Insanity Sauce got me good and proper, even the iced water couldn’t save me! I just had to wait for the incredible Mad Dog cocktail to soothe the burn.


The Primo XL BBQ, the only one in the country, sent smells souring and I couldn’t wait for the arrival of my ‘Squealer’ burger. As it arrived at our table, my eyes could not believe the delight that was placed in front of them. This burger was huge; I had finally met my match! No burger has ever defeated me, but this was certainly not going in my mouth, and that’s saying something!! Layers of chorizo, cheese, pulled pork, bacon and the 7oz burger were too much for me! I had to resort to using a knife and fork. Yes you read that right, a knife and fork at a BBQ joint!


The chips were perfect, and the onion rings just melted on your tongue. This was one of those meals that I longed for it to never end, and when it did, I felt so full I was going to burst. The service was great, and if you don’t mind sharing your bench with a few strangers, so is the atmosphere.

I will be returning to fill myself so much I can barely stand before this pop up disappears on 30th September. If you’re in the area, in fact, scrap that, GO AND EAT AT THE BIG SMOKE!!!

Disclaimer:  This was offered to me by their lovely PR team.

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