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The Vaults, Home House, London.

London’s most exclusive member’s club, Home House, newest addition to their decadent ‘pleasure palace’.

The Vaults  late night party rooms are a timeless playground for the discerning clientele, nestled deep in the basement of No 21. Daring, decadent, the subterranean club is the ultimate portal to hedonism.

With its own private entrance leading down a resin staircase to a leather-clad door complete with a gold grille peephole, the playrooms are the ideal after-hours party destination. The rooms themselves are complete with ambient lighting, the most luxurious textures and cutting edge art and sculpture. Rich tones of copper, bronze and gold are married with crystal and tortoiseshell patterns and there is even an architectural aquarium enclosed in one of the walls.

The intimate space comprises of a decadent bar lounge area and two private rooms, that can be exclusively reserved. The drinks list is similarly high-profile and partygoers can choose from a menu featuring Moet & Chandon Vintage Champagne and Dom Perignon as part of the premium bottle table service.

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