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Diet Coke Chicken!

Since being on Slimmers World I have found a lot of great recipes, but this one has kicked up quite a fuss among friends when I tell them about it!

Yes, you did read the title correctly, diet coke chicken is a real thing, and it’s awesome!  Here’s the recipe for a 2 person serving:


A portion of chicken breast peices
1 can of diet coke
5 tablespoons of passata
splash of Worcestershire sauce
Salt to season
Frylight spray



Spray your frying pan with some Frylight, and fry the chicken until thoroughly cooked.
Pour the can of diet coke in the frying pan and put on a high heat.
Add the passata and Worcestershire sauce.
Keep on high heat and continuously stir.
As the coke begins to reduce it will start to go sticky. This is what makes a great barbecue marinade.  It does take a while so be patient, it’s worth it!

We cooked up some plain pasta and added that one it was cooked so it was coated in the marinade.  You may want to use a second can of coke at the start if you’re a sauce addict like I am!

This creates a lovely barbecue chicken recipe with NO SYNS for Slimming World. You can use this sauce on ribs, beef, pork whatever takes your fancy.

The diet coke can be substituted for a non diet brand, but will then add syns to the recipe, or if you’re not a calorie counter then it won’t matter!

Let me know if you try this! We love it!


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