London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Dine Another Day, London.

17:43 hours, the phone upon my desk begins to ring, a little earlier than I had anticipated but I knew the time had come.  I pick up the receiver ‘Miss.Squibb, this is Robert; I shall be your driver tonight.  Please come and join us.’  I put the phone down, grab my bag, and hurry outside.  I spy a tall, attractive gentleman in a dark green suit standing by a bright red vintage Mini, and so it begins I thought.


We whipped round side streets I was previously sure were only suitable for pedestrians, was there anywhere this Mini couldn’t fit?  After being over whelmed with tourists taking our photographs, and the speed this tiny car could pick up, we had reached our location for the evening.

A male waiting outside a fire exit all in black with shades on took our names and snuck us in ensuring no one had seen us.  We were pointed up a few flights of stairs and escorted to an outdoor terrace where the drink began flowing.  I was handed a yellow envelope and blindfolded, this night just got stranger and stranger!

Yellow Envelope

Being escorted down a long corridor, then being seated at a large round table and being made to smell our first clue, yes, it had just got a little stranger!  The blindfold was removed and the feast began. Oh and of course the instant chatter of who the clues where leading us to. Who had infiltrated the staff and began a killing spree?  We had another few rooms, more food and more cocktails to come before we could come to our final conclusion.

Sneaking up the fire escapes stairs, we were taken to a suite, and there were more clues to be found!  We turned the room upside down and the phone began to ring… RING! RING! We all stopped and stared, I stepped towards, all eyes on me, the nerves set in! ‘Hello’ ‘Password please?’ Luckily I got the password correct, they would spare my life!  The door opened a large tray of sliders appeared, we tucked in to find our next clue, and the excitement began to rise.  We were one step closer to finding the criminal that was still at large!


Hopping in the lift our next room of clues was waiting, as did a cocktail of smoked absinthe.  The drinks were coming as thick and fast as the clues; could this be a recipe for disaster?  Where they trying to put us off the scent, and keep our minds wandering elsewhere?  We were certainly all a lot more relaxed, and becoming a little more distracted!

Luckily these thoughts were soon put to rest as there was a large dinner placed infront of us to devour! We gathered more clue as the delicious meal lined our stomachs and put our minds back on track!  The clues were all starting to make sense, we had a name, we just needed the final clue for it to all make sense!


The last clue came in the form of an incredible desert, another cocktail and a waiter with an award winning smile.  We had cracked it! We knew who our killer was! Had we found out in time? Just about! We caught him and were rewarded with more cocktails!  Just call me Detective Squibb!

Where were you? Who was the killer? I hear you ask, well if I told you that I’d have to kill you.


Disclaimer: This was a press only event and is not yet open to the public.  Obviously the photos are  not from the event, this is so it all remains a mystery! Register for Lime&Tonic’s newsletter to find out more.

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