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Alamode at The Pipeline

Last week I headed over to The Pipeline to see Alamode for their E.P Launch.  I’m slightly biased when it comes to these 5 lads as I have been a fan for years, and it’s been amazing seeing them grow from a three piece to a well established five piece.

The show they put on was incredible, their stage presence has grown vast amounts and they work so well as a band.  Their on stage chemistry is great and certainly get the crowd going.

Playing news songs from their ‘Feels Like Fire’ E.P the crowd were going mad; dancing and cheering! But it got even more crazy when Alamode played a cover of Wake Me Up by Avicii, the crowd were singing along, and dancing.

To finish up they played my favourite track ‘Hey You’ that is also featured on the E.P, this seemed a firm favourite of everyone around me, that was until they found out they had time for one more song… Get Lucky by Daft Punk.  This saw the crowd jumping, singing and dancing like nothing I had seen before for an unsigned band!


I can’t wait to head to more gigs and learn all the words to the new E.P!


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