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Keeping your Pets Warm this Winter.

The lovely team over at Burns Pet Nutrition sent me some really great tips to help keep your beloved pet warm this winter:



Winter clothing

Protective coats and dog bedding are a great way to protect your dog in the winter months. Short coat breeds with little hair on their tummies are particularly vulnerable to catching a chill. Access to an insulated doghouse, garage or shed when temperatures drop below 45 degrees Fahrenheit helps keep your dog warm. Blankets in your dog’s bed if it is chilly inside at night are also a good idea.

Plenty of exercise

The days and nights are cooler and darker but try not to cut down on your dog’s daily exercise. If it is difficult to get out in the dark and bad weather, more short walks might be more manageable. You and your dog might be cosier at home but they still need exercise for their health and wellbeing.


Some people assume that in cold weather dogs and cats need to eat more as they need energy to stay warm. This may be the case with working dogs that are out in harsh elements for significant periods of time. Some dogs might actually require less food in the winter if their owners are exercising them less.

Protect foot pads

Dogs & Cats can be affected by the salt the councils put on the roads in icy weather. This can cause irritation to foot pads, so remember to wash and dry paws as soon as they come indoors.


Limit time outside

Cats are notoriously independent, but try to tempt them inside, it might help to give your cat the option of a litter tray during winter months. Be aware that cats cosy up in warm places, they may climb into vehicle engines for warmth whilst out roaming. Check under the bonnet of your vehicle before starting it up. Another way to keep your cat inside out of harm’s way, is to create safe warm spots. Such as a box for them to snuggle in with blankets or even a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Cats that spend long periods outdoors may also require additional food during colder weather.


Keep your cat well groomed, matted and ungroomed fur does not provide as much warmth as a nice conditioned shiny coat! Make sure you brush your cat regularly if this is possible. A good diet rich in essential fatty acids can also help keep his/her coat in optimal condition. Such as Burns Original Cat, which is rich in B vitamins and contains all eleven essential amino acids including taurine. Its controlled levels of protein and minerals also help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract.


Move the hutch

If possible, bring your rabbits indoors for the winter, or move their hutch inside a garage or shed. Do not put the hutch in the garage if you park your cars in there as the exhaust fumes are dangerous. Alternatively, move the hutch into a sheltered area of trees or bushes, facing away from the wind.

Insulate the inside of the rabbit hutch

Line the floor with layers of newspaper and add lots of extra hay and straw for your rabbits to bury into. Covering the hutch with old duvets and tarpaulin for extra heat will keep your rabbit warm and helps to prevent drinking water freezing over.

You can also buy heat pads (which can be microwaved) for rabbits and other small animals that stay warm for hours and are non – toxic and safe for your pet.

Look for gaps in the hutch walls

Check there are no gaps through which rain and wind can get in. Make sure the wood isn’t damp or rotting and reapply a rabbit-safe wood protecting coating every few years. You can also line the inside walls with newspaper.

Burns are always on hand to help:

Burns pet nutritionists are available on a free customer helpline, if you need any dietary advice for your pet or have any concerns call us on 0800 083 6696 or email at

To find out more about Burns Pet Nutrition please visit the Burns website  and join their facebook page:

Hope you find this super useful!


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