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New Look Red Carpet Christmas Competition.

I love seeing what celebs have worn on the red carpet, seeing what I’d love to wear for myself or seeing who totally got it wrong, so when I found out about the New Look Red Carpet Competition I just had to enter!

This year there were so many great looks on the red carpet; I’m gonna pinch a few, and take inspiration from them to create my own ultimate party outfit.

I have chosen all black outfits as rumour has it that black is most slimming and I certainly need the little extra help around Christmas.

Golden Globes 2013 black dresses fashion

I really love the plunging lines of the first two dresses, but being a busty babe I find it hard to control my chest without a bra, so as much as I would LOVE to wear one, I’m gonna have to pass! But I do love the long lengths, and for me that always means dressy and formal!  I also really love the little fleshy bits peeking through on some of these dresses, but alas, at my size, I’d be scaring people with my chunk.  

I am drawing my inspiration from these dresses and have come up with this…


Dress || Shoes || Bag || Necklace || Hoops

I love the black and gold look from Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman and the leg split from Eva Longoria, so I merged them together to form something I’d love to wear!  The shoes look like that should be rather comfy being chunky, and will give my vertically challenged self some height.

Chunky jewellery will work really well with having really long hair so it can still be seen, and sticks well to the colour theme!

How would you dress up for red carpet glamour?


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  1. Beachbums1 says:

    Oohh! Love those dresses ~ my favorite style is Kate Hudson. I have a similar upper body style (translate: tiny boobs) but don’t think I have the nerve to pull off the plunging neckline. She looks fabulous though! Be sure to post a photo of your final dress ensemble.

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