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The Extreme Torque Show, Essex.

We were offered tickets to head over to The Extreme Torque Show in North Weald and having been to The Extreme Stunt show we were really up for going to this!

They have a fantastic team of free runners, BMX, MotoX, Street Bikes, 2 Wheelers and Monster trucks!

We started of with the BMX and free runners and were so impressed! Makes me want to get my BMSX out of the shed and learn to be that cool!


The MotoX were up next, and these always amaze me… How do they do such amazing stunts with such a heavy bike in mid air… someone tell me!!


Ok so more amazement here!! How do they do this?!  We saw these before and I really am impressed ever time I see them!


The monster trucks are always my favourite part of any stunt show, so I’m kind of biased when I say these  were incredible!


All I want in life is a monster truck and some cars to crush!! Someone make this happen please!

This was such a great day out, and we can’t wait to return to see them again soon!


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