London Living with an Alternative Twist!

Bazaar Velvet Contemporary Rugs.

On the saving for new house hype I have found the awesome Street Art rug collection at Bazaar Velvet.

maid (Visualization)

The imagery found in these rugs has been inspired by the reality of life in the city of London and it’s not just another tacky tourist canvas. These elements have been created using only black, reminiscent of the stencil work of street artists. This also provides a striking contrast with both the soft and bold colours found in the complex paint texture backgrounds. City streets are also brought to mind by the graffiti style text which really pulls the elements of the artwork together.

queen (Visualization)

I love this Queen based piece as it would go perfectly with my Sex Pistols artwork I have on my walls!  I’m a huge fan of graffiti and this is a really quirky way to bring into your home!

Only the best natural materials have been used including Himalayan wool, with elements of Chinese silk to add an extra dimension to the texture and appearance of the piece so they are super soft under your feet!

I seriously need to get saving as looking for homewares is taking over my life!


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