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#MeatLust Pulled Pork!

I’m going through a serious phase of being obsessed by pulled pork, it’s getting worrying so when Meat Lust sent me FLAVA-IT sachets to create my own dinner I was in my element to find the Louisiana BBQ to make pulled pork with!

I’m going to share with you how I made it as I’m so happy with it!


I started with two mini shoulder joints courtesy of my Tesco voucher and my sachet.

I left the mini shoulders whole and marinaded them, leaving them for 10 minutes to really soak it in!


I then chopped up some chunky onions, both white and red, and a red pepper and placed in the bottom of my tin, popping my meat on top.


I sprinkled some more of the marinade over the vegetables and lined the tin with stock.


When I do this again I will add more stock and vegetables so I have juice left over and where veg shrinks we didn’t have tons left!

I cooked on 160 degrees for two hours then checked and left for another half hour.  At this point I placed tin foil over the meat so the skin didn’t burn.

After three hours of cooking it was finally ready!  I left the meat to cool on the side whilst I cooked up some chips and Mumma made some of her famous coleslaw.

The partner in crime and I shredded the pork and plated up.


Chips, vegetables and pulled pork burger with coleslaw; heaven on a plate!!


This was an amazing dinner and I was proud when I served it to my parents and got their approval!

Flava-it is an epic way to marinade your meat and can be purchased in Morrisons, Tesco, Asda and over 2,000 independent butchers!

I can’t wait to try my other flavours and share with you guys! If you want a free sample, click here!


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