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My Guide to Throwing the Ultimate House Party*

We all love a good house party, am I right? Yes, I am. Now we’re in agreement, I thought I’d share with you some tips I use when throwing house parties. Not just any house parties; the ultimate house parties. If you use these tips too, your guests won’t talk about anything else for the foreseeable future!


Move All of Your Breakables

It only makes sense to move all of your breakables. Either take them to a friend’s who you trust, or lock them in a cupboard/room. When you wake up tomorrow you’ll only be devastated that your favourite Yankee candle was obliterated in all of the madness. You might also want to hide your valuables – party crashers might show up with sticky fingers. Take every precaution to make sure you aren’t left upset and out of pocket.

Buy Paper Cups

Do not use glasses. Please, I’m begging you. Glasses are more sophisticated, but you’ll have a neverending pile of washing up to deal with afterwards. 9 times out of 10, somebody will smash a glass too, which is a danger to all of your other guests. Use paper cups and even paper plates if you plan on ordering a pizza or something.

Protect Carpets With Plastic

If you have carpet, protect them with plastic to avoid stains from dark drinks like port and red wine. You might even want to take this precaution with expensive wooden floors. Dirty shoes are a pain too. When everything in your home is protected, you’ll feel more able to relax and enjoy yourself. Places like Simply Plastics are a great option in regard to these considerations.


What’s a party without some decorations? A party isn’t a party without balloons, and usually a co2 gas company would also supply the balloons. I don’t care how old I am. Later, everybody can have fun with helium-filled ones. Simple minds, eh?

Invest in a Beer Keg

A beer keg is a must at any American house party, and the UK have started to catch on. Tell all of your guests to bring their own drink too, as you don’t want to pay for everybody else’s booze. However, a beer keg will be a great investment and set a fun tone for the night. Ask your friends to put money towards it if it’s too much for you alone.


Come Up With Some Drinking Games

All amazing parties need a few drinking games to get the fun started. You could watch music videos and take a shot every time somebody ‘twerks’, for instance. That’s one I made up. Feel free to make your own up or look online for suggestions.

Create a Party Playlist

You can’t just trust your iPod on shuffle…what if Aqua – Barbie Girl comes on? Well, that wouldn’t be too bad actually. But if you’re embarrassed about any of your music tastes, this is a must.


Come Up With a Theme

This is optional, but coming up with a theme is always a lot of fun. It could be a song, band, book, film – you name it! Fancy dress, or no fancy dress? Your choice!

Oh, and don’t forget to signpost the toilet either, so nobody ends up vomiting in your wardrobe. Have fun and let me know if you use the party planning tips!

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