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Date Night In with Jacamo

The lovely team at Jacamo have been doing some research into the first thing women notice in men, can you guess what it is?!


I was always taught by my dad that you can tell a lot about a man by his watch and  his shoes, so I wasn’t that shocked by this! Is it bad that I can’t even remember what shoes the chap had on when I met him, and wasn’t wearing a watch… sorry dad!

And to help men get off on the right foot, geddit?!, they sent us a date night in hamper!


So this hamper arrived at my house, and I wasn’t allowed to open it! This was awful, I was so eager to see what was in it! I took it round to the chaps and he hid in the bedroom whilst winding me up about the contents!

By the time Friday rolled around I’d had a really long week; living out of a suitcase, working overtime and needed a night in!  I headed over to the chaps from work and was immediately spoilt; the bathroom was filled with candles and a bubble bath was on the cards!

Whilst I bathed the chap made dinner, this isn’t unusual at all but he pulled out all of the stops, chorizo and bacon pasta with homemade sauce… yes please!  The candles had made their way out of the bathroom to decorate the living room too!


The evening continued on with film watching, chocolates and wine!


We did manage to save a few of the chocolates for Saturday evening but it was a tough one!

Big thanks to Jacamo for sending us this kit, it was much needed and the chap won a serious amount of brownie points! I mean he went to Waitrose to buy dinner, bought extra candles and even cooked breakfast…


I can certainly say this one’s a keeper!

What’s the first thing you notice in a man?


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