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Shake Shack, Stratford.

Oh Shake Shack you have stolen my heart.


On Tuesday the chap and I headed over to the new Shake Shack in Stratford for the opening party.

The burgers, oh those burgers, were by far the best I have had in London. Yes BIG statement there! The SmokeStack isn’t just a cheese and bacon burger, it comes with cherry peppers that give it a nice little kick, and there’s no salad in it, so for me that’s a total winner!

The ShackMiester Sausage comes with cheese sauce and Ale marinated shallots; could this be any better?!

The chips are crinkly chips and they take me back to my childhood, so again, you guessed it; total winner!

If I don’t visit Shake Shack at least once a month for the rest of the year then this year will be a failure!!


The entertainment at the event was great; I’m a huge fan of photobooths so I couldn’t wait to get the chap into one for the first time! As you can tell we don’t do serious!

We watched The Coronas play and they were bloody awesome, I’ve even listened on Spotify since! There were also DJs on the night but we left slightly early as I was so full up I couldn’t move!

Oh and a little fact about Shake Shack, they even sell snacks for your four legged friends should you be passing on a walk! I’m thinking my terrible twosome need to try the red velvet dog biscuits with custard and peanut butter!

Have you been to Shake Shack yet?


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