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Beat Your Monday Blues!

The amazing feeling of beating traffic lights, chomping on a favourite chocolate bar or dessert, and even buying new shoes or clothes can all be beaten by securing a great holiday deal according to new research. For almost 60 per cent of British travellers an amber light, a sweet treat or fancy footwear cannot compete with the euphoria of knowing they have secured a great value break.

In fact, for one in ten men, and 16 per cent of women, booking an amazing holiday deal is better than sex.

UK holidaymakers were asked about their holiday feelings in independent research commissioned by Travelzoo, the UK’s top travel and entertainment deals provider.

Almost a third of research respondents (32 per cent) experience the ultimate holiday buzz when they stepped off the plane and felt the warm air, compared to just one in ten whose excitement kicked in as soon as they got their suitcase out.

However the holiday joy ends with a bump when returning to reality. One-fifth of people face up to the end of their feel-good holiday mood the moment their plane touches down back home, and a further one-fifth don’t come down to earth until they unpack and put the washing on.

The good news for travellers with the post-holiday blues is that the excitement of a great holiday can be extended by planning another holiday (35 per cent) or booking something else special to look forward to (18 per cent). Five per cent of travellers cling onto their holiday warmth by keeping a holiday romance going online when back in Blighty, and seven per cent go into denial and don’t even unpack their suitcase.

Joel Brandon-Bravo, UK managing director, Travelzoo, explains: “Booking a holiday is a universally exciting experience. However, we didn’t expect quite so many people to find the elation of a great travel deal to be better than intimate moments with a loved one! Hanging onto the holiday joy after an incredible break is really tough, and the post-holiday blues really do kick in very quickly unless we all have something else lovely to look forward to. Travelzoo is on a mission to bring holiday euphoria into the everyday.”

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